Why a casino account could be blocked


Signing up into an online casino, you accept its terms and conditions. There is one crucial paragraph – the administration can ban an account of the gambler at any time without any explanations. This paragraph is a kind of safety feature in cases of dispute.  It occurs very seldom because a casino is regulated by special gambling commissions. Some untrustworthy casinos could block the account in case of a big win. In certain cases, reputable casinos may also ban the account (but rarely). If you don’t know where can you find a trusted and accredited casino check tabs Best Online Casinos and Accredited Casinos on our website. We are responsible for the information and ratings provided by Onlinecasinopolice.Why a casino account could be blocked 1

The main reason for the ban is the neglecting of casino rules by a gambler. Let’s find out why players could be banned.

  • A gambler is underage. The account will be blocked 100% if the gambler doesn’t meet the requirements of the age limit. In major countries, it is prohibited to play if you are under 18 and in some states, even under 21.
  • Frequent registration using one IP address – you created a couple of accounts using one computer. It could be casino accounts for your friends, but the system highly likely considers them to be copies of one account and will block them. Therefore, if you want to create one more new account (for your wife or friend), you should write to the support and let them know about it. If you do not do that later, you can’t prove that there were two different people.
  • Use of other people’s details (credit card, Skrill, Neteller account, etc.) – depositing/withdrawing the money, you are allowed to use your correct and valid details only. It is strictly forbidden to enter other people’s e-wallet or credit card number.

Why a casino account could be blocked 2

  • Problems with verification – if you didn’t confirm your identity in the online casino, a withdrawal will be rejected and your account may be blocked.
  • Fraudulent activities of gamblers – some players (usually professional ones) cooperate with other players to get maximum profit (often to play poker, seldom on slots).
  • Bonus-hunting (“bonus hunters”). Fraud and Risk department pays a lot of attention to the use of bonuses. Bonus abuse may lead to several restrictions or even cause a ban on the casino account.

Why a casino account could be blocked 3

  • Multi-accounting – is connected with the previous paragraph. A lot of accounts are created only with one purpose to receive bonuses.

As a matter of fact, there are really a lot of reasons. To avoid these violations, read casino terms and conditions very attentively. If you do not like these or those rules, better do not start playing at the casino. And of course, under no circumstances take part in fraudulent activities. As practice has shown, nothing stays buried forever and you could lose more than you gained.

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