Whether there are unfair casinos

Alex Goodwin

Nowadays, almost everyone knows what online casinos are. You may see their advertisements on many websites, which guarantee you a big win and a ticket to a happy life. But, unfortunately, it’s only a marketing hook and it is impossible to win. The more new casinos appear, the more chances to stumble upon a bunch of crooks and scammers.

Licensed casinos are powered by original software only from well-known developers (otherwise these casinos wouldn’t get a license). Without any license, the casino may use script software, namely fake.

How to spot a script software? It’s not difficult. The thing is that licensed slots are loading from particular servers of each developer. During the loading, you can check which server is used. You can also find it out playing a demo version. To do it, start a demo version of a slot and open Adobe Flash Player options. Or right click and chose “inspect element”. By the name of the server, you will see whether it is script one. And if slots powered by various software providers load from one server – is it obviously fake.

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Code for a licensed software

Some servers for loading genuine software:

  • NetEnt – casinomodule.com.
  • Microgaming – gameassists.co.uk.
  • Quickspin – cloudfront.net. / gameassists.co.uk.
  • Endorphina – start.endorphina.com.
  • iSoftbet – static-games.isoftbet.com.
  • Betsoft – betsoftgaming.com.

Untrustworthy casinos can influence RNG (random number generator) scooping money from gamblers. The script software is popular because it is many times cheaper than a licensed one ($1000-1500 versus $40.000-100.000 for a licensed slot). You might place a small bet and win a lot. It is nothing but a marketing hook and many gamblers fall for this bait. Very often, it is allowed to play without signing up. Of course, you can’t withdraw your winning.

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Before playing at a casino find out which license this or that casino has (read FAQ Online casino licenses) and check, whether this casino is in our Blacklisted Casinos. Here, on Onlinecasinopolice, you can find Best Online Casinos and Accredited Casinos which we vouch for.

Speaking about live-casino, it is not so fair as it seems to be.

  • Online live stream lags – not a big deal. These lags may last a couple of seconds, it doesn’t prevent playing. During these lags, a casino could correct a game session in its favour, of course. At first sight, the changes are insignificant, but experienced gamblers can define them at once.
  • Script slot machines – fake software, which the casino could adjust at their discretion (e.g., how often a player can win and how much).
  • Recorded video – recorded videos often substitute for live-streams. They serve as a background for changing bets and wins. It is naive to believe that it’s impossible to cheat in live-casinos. Some actions of professional croupier are almost impossible to spot.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to identify licensed and fake software without much difficulty. Read more articles on the FAQ tab. There you will find a lot of interesting and necessary information. Play at trusted and accredited casinos only!

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