What to do if a casino delays payment

Alex Goodwin

No one wants to imagine that it is possible to fall a victim to a casino cheater. Unfortunately, such stories happen. Problems with cash out could take a long time. To make sure that doesn’t occur, play on trusted casinos only (check Best Online Casinos and Accredited Casinos)! If it is too late, let’s figure out what to do.

What to do if a casino delays payment 1

1. First of all, write to support (online chat or per e-mail) or call them (if there is an opportunity) and ask for an explanation. You should not be rude. To send a request per e-mail, it must be the same address which was used for registration. Write your login, specify the sum and desirable date of cash out.

2. Do not be too lazy to look for reviews of the casino and leave comments there, study in depth the process of pay off. Probably somebody already faced the same difficulties (Blacklisted Casinos are here).

3. If the casino doesn’t pay at all – leave comments on popular Internet forums and involve people in a discussion.

4. And if the casino pays – do the same way, create topics for discussion, make screenshots and sent them to the casino support. Explain that in case of nonpayment you will send the screenshots to a commission which granted a license for game activity.

What to do if a casino delays payment 2

5. As a rule, dishonest casinos avoid the hype, that’s why they try to pay money at once. By no means continue playing on this casino and furthermore don’t make a new deposit. The main aim of all delays with payment is to make a gambler lose more money.

6. When you get your money, it is worth to leave a negative review with all the details. It could help against cheaters.

If you had problems with our partners from sections Accredited Casinos and Best Online Casinos (but this is unlikely) and you signed up via our link, leave comments in a rating or write messages at a forum thread devoted to this casino. A representative from the gambling site solve your problem in case of no violation of the rules.

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The main thing to do in case of problems is to make a lot of noise, to write to the most popular forums to protect other gamblers. Choose trusted casinos! Do not play on the casino if problems occur. Remember that the primary goal of all gambling sites is to increase profit.

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