What is Bonus Hunting and the History of it

Bonus hunting is based on high volatility and requires a substantial budget, a lot of time and nerves to be able to overcome losing streaks in the game with this strategy. This is the only way you can be successful in the long term.

In the past few years, it has repeatedly happened that users who have registered into a casino, have committed bonus fraud. Bonus hunting is always a term popular for a casino.

Bonuses are marketing tools used by the casino to encourage players to play. In the long run, online casinos try to increase their sales with bonus offers.

In the past, the so-called Bonus Hunter has been on the scene. You tried to maximize winnings with the bonuses from online casinos. In this way, good money should then be “earned”. The Bonus Hunter tried to outsmart the casino and gain an advantage through certain ways of playing with the bonus.

Nowadays most online casinos work against bonus hunting. For this reason, there are max-bet rules, excluded games and prohibited ways of playing, such as delaying game rounds. Bonus hunting is therefore hardly possible anymore. Therefore, one should refrain from playing. It often only leads to withdrawal of the bonus and loss of winnings.

Bonus hunts used to be very popular

In the past (2000 to 2006) there were significantly more customer-friendly bonus conditions. Sometimes you only had to wager the bonus amounts 25 times, were allowed to play any slot machine and could also save bonus rounds. If you assume that you will receive a €200 bonus and have to wager it 25 times, you have a good chance of wagering it. If you choose a game, that’s a payout ratio of 96,5%. Then the player loses an average of €7 per € 100. If you do this 25 times now, there is €25 real money left, which you can definitely pay off. That is after all 12,5% ​​of the stake.

If you find games with better payout percentages, it can be a lot easier to implement the bonus. Back then, blackjack was still allowed. The house edge here is only 0.5%. If you played blackjack, you only lost an average of €25. An average of 87.5% of the deposit amount was recovered. These were good odds for Bonus Hunter. They played by the following rules to maximize winnings:

  • Find a game with the highest possible payout ratio.
  • Play with small bets until the bonus conditions are met.
  • Always withdraw the remaining money (profit or partial profit).

The bonus terms were sometimes not well calculated by the gambling providers, so some casinos got problems. Ikibu once admitted to Matthias that her bonuses years ago almost ruined her. Therefore, they have now had to adjust the bonus rules and make them stricter.

Casinos countered with Countermeasures

In the meantime, good bonus offers have become rather rare. Numerous rules have been introduced that have given casinos better chances. Most casinos have a max bet rule, you cannot bet more than €5.

Casino games with high payout percentages (blackjack or roulette) have been completely excluded from bonus wagering, or the stakes have only a small percentage share in the wagering (e.g. 5% to 10%). The sales conditions were increased significantly. You rarely find bonuses where the bonus amount only has to be wagered 25 times.

It is forbidden to accumulate free spins with bonus money and only play them when you have run out of money. In the past, winnings from free spins were real money and could be withdrawn. Today it leads to the withdrawal of the bonus.

Players were always looking for new loopholes to beat the casino and maybe “make” money easily. Casinos could not be offered this in the long run. This led to the known measures and lists of excluded games.

Are bonus huntings still possible today?

There is a variety of bonus offers. With a lot of luck, you can certainly implement the bonus, but bonus hunting is hardly possible due to the new bonus rules. Some other websites try to give strategies or tips and tricks for the bonus hunt. Complex tables are sometimes made with calculations for casino games with different payout percentages and volatilities.

In the end, however, there are two different approaches:

  • Playing slots with high variance and hoping for the big win.
  • Playing low variance slots and hoping for multiple medium wins.

The first version also encourages you to play with fewer pay lines. Especially if you can increase the possible profit factor, it is advisable. At the same time, the variance gets higher.

If you look through all the theories that apply to classic video slots with a payout ratio of 96%, you will notice that the chance of a bonus being fully converted is usually less than 15% (some of the pages themselves stated it in their theories).

In most cases, you will consequently gamble away the bonus instead of being able to convert it. Therefore, we generally advise against playing with a bonus, the chance of sales is always there, but you need a lot of luck. Certainly, every player will have had experience being stuck in a sales trap.

“Bonus collecting” as a new trend

The new trend is more about collecting bonuses. You register at different casinos and collect no deposit bonuses for registration (free spins or start credit) or receive a bonus without deposit as a promotion from the casino. Existing customers are always given incentives to play.

For example, GUTS grants free spins at regular intervals for loyal players without wagering requirements. Other casinos have a loyalty program with loyalty points – there are many different revenue opportunities. Sales-free no deposit bonus offers are rather rare.

Collecting bonus offers is time-consuming and very tedious.

Nevertheless, many games try their luck with the offers, as our No Deposit Bonus Thread in the forum shows.

In the end, bonus offers are promotions from the casino. Promotional measures to encourage players to play. Meanwhile, the bonus terms have been adjusted so that the casino will win in a variety of cases. The bonus offers must be worthwhile for the casino, otherwise, they would not exist. Therefore, you should consider carefully whether you really want to accept a deposit bonus or prefer to play with your own money. It is much easier to play without a bonus and you can usually withdraw your winnings at any time.

“Freebies” and bonuses with no committed deposits

Do you remember your history lessons at school, how in the Stone Age Palaeolithic tribes were classified as either hunters or gatherers? Bonuses without a mandatory deposit are more likely to be classified as “bonus collectors” than Bonus Hunter. Don’t expect too much prey on this (bonus) hunt, but at least you won’t be hurt by the prey to be cannibalized. The gambling community calls this variety of Bonus Hunter “Bonus Collector” or “Freebies”.

Bonuses without a mandatory deposit are almost always small amounts that the casino usually awards as a reward for registering a new account. The most common forms of this are free spins and free game credits. You can then play with this bonus and win some manageable amounts. Do this in around 200 casinos and, if you are lucky, you will end up winning a few hundred euros.

Free spins and free game credits are marketing strategies of the casinos. If you come from a rich western country, you will receive a bonus without a mandatory deposit in every second online casino. However, if you are from Russia, for example, or any other country known for bonus hunting and abuse, the casino in question will have problems getting this bonus. Even if you don’t want anything to do with bonus hunting.