Top 5 Biggest Casino Wins


Everyone living on the planet Earth has ever dreamt about great wins. Who did not think about easy money? Everybody did unless you and your friends are malevolent inhabitants from a far-away island. The possibilities of easy profits beckon different people from different countries, why else they buy lottery tickets and go playing casino.

Yes, sometimes fortune favors lucky fellows and they win great sums of money. All we have to do is watching their success on TV or YouTube, reading in the papers. We can also imagine ourselves being them, but we do not actually know how life will be going after such mind-blowing wins. Unfortunately, the reality is that only some of the winners can manage their money wisely. Many waste money left and right, and as a result, all the things are beginning to turn around.

Let’s talk about the 5 biggest casino wins that have changed the lives of the owners.

A 67-old flight attendant. $27.6 million

Our first big win belongs to a retired flight attendant, who was a regular casino player in Vegas. The unbelievable luck came to an old woman when she played on the Megabucks Slot Machine in the Palace Station Hotel, Las Vegas. This is a 3-dollar progressive jackpot casino slot machine, which was created almost 40 years ago.

The plan was to spend $100, but the fate intended otherwise. After a long-term casino session, an old lady has deposited more than $300 and her investment paid off. She won back $27.6 million!

Cynthia Jay-Brennan. $34.95 million

Cynthia Jay-Brennan was a modest waitress working in a casino in Vegas. Her life has unrecognizably changed after a mind-blowing win of $34,955,490.00 at the Megabucks Slot Machine. However, this is a story without a happy ending.

This life-changing story happened at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino, back in 2000. A young woman won a huge sum of money playing a gambling machine. Her total deposit was only $21! Thus, with a $3 bet per spin, she had 9 chances to hit the jackpot, and she did it on the last turn!

Being a kind and generous person, she lent out money to everyone who asked her for help. Cynthia was born in a poor family and she, of all people, knew what poverty felt like. The young woman got married and went on to Fiji to spend a honeymoon.

Unfortunately, this was a short-lived paradise. Shortly after the trip, Cynthia had a car accident leading to paralysis. The money she won helped her pay the bills and got in rehab. According to Cynthia, she would give the money away to be able to walk again.

Anonymous. $39.7 million

A software developer from LA became a Vegas celebrity when he managed to win the biggest slot machine jackpot ever. However, a 25-year-old man wished to remain incognito. Actually, you’ve always got something to be worried about, when you win such a big sum of money.

$39,713,982.25 – this is the exact total. It is known that the lucky man played the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Hotel-Casino. His deposit was about $100 and he didn’t even hope for a big win. To say more, a young man was just hanging around to kill the waiting time before a basketball match. As a result of a successful gambling session, he is to get $1.5 million annually. As the winner decided to keep his name in secret, we do not know how the rest of his life has been going.

It is worth mentioning that the total win in the Megabucks casino game recorded since the launching it 17 years ago is $425 million. 58 lucky gamblers have been awarded huge sums of money.

Archie Karas. $40 million

A world-famous gambler and poker player, Archie Karas was born in a poor family in Greece. His legendary winning steak started in 1992 when Archie came to Vegas having $50 in cash. A gambler has been plagued with a series of mishaps for a considerable time and lost the entirety of his fortune. However, Archie Karas managed to turn $50 into $40 million.

Archie Karas poker player

The story started in LA, where Archie lost $2 million playing poker. In hopes of getting his own back, he went out to Las Vegas with $50 in his wallet. You may say that was a reckless step, but we would say – nothing stake, nothing draw.

That was his lucky star shining as he met an old fellow, who lent him $10,000 to play Razz. This time, Archie had better luck to win $17 million, beating one opponent after another. To say more, it took about 3 hours. His unbelievable winning streak lasted for several years. That was the very famous winning streak in the gambling world.

But, everything has its end, and the story of Archie Karas has an unfortunate end. The gambler lost all the money during the next few years, playing high-roller poker, baccarat and craps. As a result, he was banned in all Las Vegas casinos.

Gloria McKenzie. $590, 5 million

A piece of unbelievable news barged into a quiet and very normal lifestyle of residents of a small town in Florida back in 2013. The record win ever belongs to Gloria McKenzie, an 84 aged at the time. That was a lottery win, which brought her fame and an exorbitant amount of money! The chances to catch a lucky break were 1 in 175 million.

The total amount was supposed to be paid off within 30 years, but Gloria cashed out half the sum and after all the taxes she got $278 million.

Gloria McKenzie. $590, 5 million lottery win

In 2019, 6 years later, the old lady filed a suit against her son and his financial advisor, who hadn’t manage to control over her money. According to the suit, Gloria McKenzie has lost about $10 million.

The point is that Gloria shared the money with her son who helped her buy a lottery ticket. In his turn, the son handed over control his mother’s money to a financial adviser, who didn’t have much experience in dealing with such big sums of money.

Well, this case can be a good example of why it is necessary to be careful about huge jackpots and use the money wisely.

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