Top 10 Slots from Yggdrasil Gaming


Cazino Zeppelin

The design of the Cazino Zeppelin slot closely resembles a well-known poker game among friends with a strong hint of futurism. The slot is generally visually appealing and the background music can be perceived as pleasant. This also allows you to play several rounds without being annoyed by the background music. Now to the details of the slot itself: the payout odds (also called RTP (return to player)), the minimum and maximum bets, the maximum win, and the possible settings of the bet or pay lines provided.

The general theoretical payout ratio of the online slot Cazino Zeppelin is 96%. The minimum bet that you can use per turn is €0.10 or 10 cents. The maximum bet is €20 per spin. The pay lines total is 20. All pay-lines always pay from left to right. The 20 available pay lines and chances of winning, in addition to the bonus itself, can be viewed at any time under the information symbol of the online slot Cazino Zeppelin. You also have the option of adjusting the coin value as you wish. This starts with a value of 0.01 and extends to a maximum of 1.00. The coin value automatically determines the current stake per spin.


The slot generally offers 10 different symbols. The best premium symbol (orange symbol) pays the most, the worst basic symbol (green cross) the least. In addition to the premium and basic symbols, Cazino Zeppelin also offers the wild and bonus symbols. The wild symbol replaces any other symbol, except the bonus symbol, and gives you a chance to win a pay line. The bonus in Cazino Zeppelin is triggered whenever three identical bonus symbols are visible on any of the five reels. It is possible that a wild symbol also appears in addition to the three bonus symbols. This is then credited to the bonus games and remains in the position where it landed. The following generally applies:

  • 10 for three bonus symbols
  • 15 for four bonus symbols
  • 20 for five bonus symbols

In the bonus itself, wild symbols become sticky. This means that whenever a wild symbol lands, it remains in that position within the free spins. If there are a total of five wild symbols on each reel within the free spins, you will receive an additional five free spins. The bonus has special potential in the online slot, Cazino Zeppelin.

Valley of the Gods

This slot from YGGDRASIL offers 5 by 5 grid, with the RTP of 96,2%. In this mysterious game re-spin with every win and hit winning combinations to expand your game area while discovering the ancient mysteries. Clear the whole area and call old incantations that will give you huge treasures and near-immortality in the form of huge multipliers and extra lives. Are you ready for wealth beyond the mortal imagination?

Valley of the Gods logo

Each spin with a winning combination presents a remnant. These encounters go on as long as the player landing winning combinations. Re-spins are played on the same bet as the spin that activated them. During regular spins, 12 blockers with the image of a scarab on each of them cover 12 reel positions. When players land winning combinations, each winning symbol releases a golden scarab that destroys one of the blockers. If there are no more blockers on the reels, then all golden scarabs are turned into red or blue scarabs and collected for the features below. Destroying all blockers activates both win multipliers and additional lives. As soon as the re-spins end, the win is added to the scales and the blockers return to the same 12 positions on the reels.

Vikings Go Berzerk

At Vikings Go Berzerk, the player finds himself on a Viking dragon boat as soon as he starts playing. In the slot, which is about the Viking raids, the sail is shown as a playing field. The Vikings were tough fighters and are still feared for their rough-legged nature. The machine is not exactly squeamish. Here is fought for profits to the knife.

The graphic design with excellent animation is perfectly staged. The strong Vikings look lifelike and are ready to fight. Even the intro can be described as an animated masterpiece. A lot of work was done here. From Vikings Go Berzerk you can expect symbolically themed motifs. Four different coins, four brave Vikings, one of which belongs to the female, are not only on the dragon boat but also on the playing roles. The bombastic slot comes with various bonus symbols.

Vikings Go Berzerk slot

The scatter symbol is embodied by a woman who is responsible for awarding the free spins. If she is benevolent to the gambler, she lets him get up to 21 free spin rounds and awards an additional bonus feature that has it all.

The Vikings drive over 5 reels, on four rows of symbols and 25 fixed pay lines.  The minimum bet amount is 15 cents per Viking round, the maximum bet amount ends at 125 euros. Vikings Go Berzerk counts from left to right. If brave Vikings meet on the game lines, there is already more prey. In this slot too, the wild can replace all other symbols. The scatter remains an exception.

  • If three scatter symbols are shown, the free spin mode is started with 7 free rounds.
  • If there are four scatters, there are 14 free spin rounds.
  • With five of the scatters the player gets 21 free spins.

Double Dragons

The Double Dragons slot machine is one of the modern and exciting creations that are also great to play on mobile devices. The aim of this slot is to unleash the red Fire Dragon and the blue Ice Dragon

to win up to €100,000.

Double Dragons image

With Double Dragons, you are in front of a playing field with five reels and three rows each, which is designed in a typical Yggdrasil design, because the design is graphically excellent and rich in detail. The winning symbols are dragon eyes and standard playing card motifs. It’s also about the red Fire Dragon and the blue Ice Dragon, which also have different features. The game is played on 25 pay lines, which are scored from left to right. If in the basic game three of the same symbols arrive side by side on one of the lines, you will receive a price that depends on the value of the symbols. Double Dragons uses the drop-down feature, which means that winning combinations disappear and new symbols slide from above.

In addition to the drop-down feature, which causes new symbols to slide from above when winning combinations, the Double Dragons Slot also has other interesting functions ready for you. After four drop-down rounds in a row, the Double Dragons feature is activated. Two whole reels are filled with wild symbols. This makes great profits possible. In general, double or blue wild symbols often appear in double dragons, which can replace all other winning symbols as jokers.

Also, pay special attention to the dragon head symbols. The red and blue dragons give you additional wild symbols on the reels and double your winnings. In addition, the symbols are collected on the edge of the field to trigger the free spins.

Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell is the third and final saga of the Vikings series by Yggdrasil. After its successful two predecessors Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go Berzerk, this slot now completes the trilogy. Of course, the expectations were correspondingly high whether the third part could build on the success of the other two. We can already anticipate that he has succeeded.

Vikings Go to Hell is built on a 4×5 grid and 25 fixed pay lines. You can play here from a bet of €0.10. The maximum bet is €100. This time we are not on a ship with the Vikings, but in hell. There are large stones in the background and flames keep appearing.

Vikings Go to Hell logo

There are 4 different weapon symbols and 4 different Vikings here. The wild symbol (wild) replaces all symbols except the scatter. Fortunately, there are several bonus features here. So let’s work through them one by one.

  • Rage Collection Feature: As you spin the reels, you automatically collect rage points. You start with 150 rage points per Viking. Rage points are earned when the Vikings fight. The enemy here is a demon, the Lord of the Chains, and Lucifer. In the base game, you should keep your eyes open for the treasure chests. However, these can only land on reel 5. These can give you an Epic of God tablet. This Epic Tablet can give you 60 rage points per Viking or 60 rage points for all 4 Vikings. Alternatively, it gives you between 60x and 120x your bet as well as 12 to 16 free spins.
  • Demon Fights Feature: 2 or more of the free spin symbols trigger the Demon Fights feature. There is a fight between a demon and all of the Vikings who are currently on the reels. If the Viking wins the fight, it turns into a wild symbol, and 1 raging point is added to the collection.

When it comes to free spins, there are 3 different types. This level is triggered by getting 3 or more free spin symbols on the reels. Or you win the game with the chests in the base game.

  • 3 free spins symbols give you 7 free spins here.
  • 4 free spins symbols give you 12 free spins here.
  • 5 free spin symbols give you 16 free spins here.

All Viking symbols that land on the reels must face the demon. The same applies here: If the Viking wins, it turns into a game and you get 1  point for the collection. The best thing is that all wilds stay on the reels for the duration of the free spins, which of course increases the winnings properly.

Easter Island

The theme for this slot is Easter Island, a remote volcanic island in Polynesia, known for its monumental statues called Moai, made by the residents of the 13th-16th centuries were created. The slot starts with a bird pecking on the ground trying to catch a beetle, but the feathered friend misses and accidentally pecks through the ground that releases two giant moai. The graphics are a work of art and look like something you can see in the latest animated films.

Easter Island image

Easter Island is a 5-reel 3 setup with an extended reel function and 27 pay lines with up to 104 pay lines when you get the 4 additional rows. It can be played with 10 cents per spin up to €200 per spin! If you land 3 of the same symbols, you get a re-spin, if it is a low-pay symbol, all other low-pay symbols are replaced by the winning symbol, if it is a premium symbol, all rewards are replaced by the symbol of the triggering profit replaced. However, that’s not all, if you get 4 of the same symbols, the reels will expand to give you another 2 rows and the pay lines will jump from 27 to 65 active lines.

If your triggering win is a 5, then you will get 4 additional rows before the re-spin, giving you the maximum potential for a mega win with 104 pay lines. The other feature to consider in this game are the expanding wilds that only appear on reels 2 and 4. However, if they land with a triggering win, they will expand to fill the entire role for the re-spin, which has huge potential if they appeared on reels 2 and 4 and you were lucky enough to get the full 7 rows to get.

Tut’s Twister

The curse of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh certainly does not touch you. On the contrary, this great ruler is capable of betting up to 125,000 bets per spin. To get them you just need to run the Tuts Twister slot machine from Yggdrasil. Place bets on 25 pay lines, activate bonus options, and enjoy the spins of five reels. By the way, about bonuses. There are two modes of repeated spins:

  • Re-spins from the wild symbol with moving reels
  • Last Chance with the optional Final Spin function

Advanced features of several characters will bring even more payouts. By the way, the percentage return rates (RTP) is at 97.1%.

Tut’s Twister slot machine

The wild symbol, presented in the form of a gold inscription, is able to activate an additional option. If you see two or more of these symbols on the reels, the first reel will become wild (if there is a symbol of the same name). The remaining coils will perform re-spin. In this mode, wild characters become strolling. That is, they move along the coils of the slot. Repeated launches are valid as long as there are wild characters on the screen. In this case, the wilds move from right to left (to the wild drum) one row with each re-spin.

But after no wild symbol is left on the reels, the Last Chance option is launched. The player receives one additional rotation. If at least one wild symbol does not appear in this back, the bonus ends and the gain is awarded. And a tornado drum will calculate wild symbols and pay for them like scatters. Also, in this mode, there is an additional multiplier for winning. For every three wild Symbols that fall simultaneously, the slot will increase the multiplier by one.

If only one wild symbol appears in the main game, the Mysterious Win option is activated. You can get one of four rewards available:

  • 1 character;
  • 1 additional wild symbol that activates a special function;
  • from 25 to 2500 coins;
  • you don’t get anything.

During the gameplay, you will collect hieroglyphs. Each drum has its own set of symbols that are included in the collection. When any of the collections is assembled, the Tornado function is activated. This reel will turn into wild, and all the hieroglyphs that have been accumulated will turn into wild and distributed randomly on the reels.

Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

The slot machine has 5×3 reels, 25 pay lines, Wild, Scatter, and free spins symbols when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear. Players often call free spins a bonus game, but this is not entirely correct. There is no full bonus game in this game. You can play online for money and for free in the demo mode at Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine in many online casinos.

Nikola Tesla's Incredible Machine slot

This game is dedicated, as you might guess, to the well-known inventor and engineer Nikol Tesla. In the main game mode, the slot can produce various combinations of characters. However, the most anticipated and interesting for players are wilds (wild), scatters (scatter), glades of symbols, and energy release – a special function. In the case of a glade (this is when a certain symbol falls on all or most of the reels), the gain will depend on the value of a particular image. The payout table is best viewed directly in the slot machine.

  • Energy surge – This special mode is activated when the third drum engages in all the same symbols, except for Scatter and Wilde. This function also has subfunctions: Explosive Wild, replacement with Wild, Clone drums.
  • Free spins Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine – turns on when three or more Scatter symbols appear simultaneously. From 8 to 12 free spins are given. 8 for 3 scatters, 10 for 4, and 12 for 5 Scatter.

Golden Fish Tank

The Golden Fish Tank slot machine is a premium 3D slot about the adventure of a small fish in the underwater world. Officially, the game has nothing to do with the cartoon “Finding Nemo,” but visually gives rise to associations with this animated picture. Such impressions are supported by a funny video that the studio Yggdrasil Gaming released shortly before the release of the slot machine in early 2016. The video slot captivates with vivid characters and the simplicity of rules. The game takes place underwater against a sandy bottom with islands of seaweed and coral. A static background is enlivened by rising air bubbles. The playing field does not have clearly defined boundaries, which makes it feel like the three-dimensional symbols on the reels simply stay at the same level in the water column.

The values of card suits in the form of precious stones and four colorful fish, each with its own character, are used as images for making combinations. The image of the main character – a curious goldfish – is decorated with a scatter with the designation Free Spins, and Wild is presented in the form of a corresponding three-dimensional inscription in yellow.

Golden Fish Tank game

The five-reel Golden Fish Tank slot has 3 rows of characters and 20 fixed pay lines. The player can adjust the cost of rotation by decreasing or increasing the linear bet in the range from 0.01 to 5 credits. Thus, the maximum cost of starting reels in standard mode is 100 coins in the currency of an online casino.

The game provides for the Golden Bet premium mode

Using it, the gambler gains an advantage in the prize round. For activating the option at each start of the reels, a fee equal to a five-fold linear rate is charged. Switching the mode on and off is done by clicking on the +5 icon on the control panel of the gaming machine.

Winning combinations are made up of three or more identical symbols, which should form a continuous chain, starting from the leftmost reel. Any standard value in the line can be replaced with a wild. The payout value is determined based on the bet and the coefficient for combos of 3, 4, or 5 of the same type of picture.

Original bonus features are available in the game only during free spins. To activate Free Spins mode, the user needs to collect from three to five scatters with the image of the main character on the reels. Three goldfish brings the player 6 free spins, four – 8, five – 10. Also, for each scatter, the right to open one bonus function is issued. In the event that the scatter symbols fell out when using the Golden Bet option, the number of available bonuses increases by one.

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire is a legendary slot machine created by Yggdrasil. Ice and Fire is a guaranteed pleasure – due to its user-friendly interface, colorful design, and large cash prizes. All online casino games can be divided into universally recognized classics and only new products.

Ice and Fire is a great example of a classic

A game that has long been included in the golden collection of entertainment in the online casino industry.

Ice and Fire slot image

The 5×5 dual installation comes with the Cascade winning system. Winning combinations are removed from the reels so that new symbols fall into place. This process is repeated until there are no more winners, and this means that multiple hits from one rotation are possible.

The book symbol is wild and can replace any of the payment symbols. It also has an interesting property. This function, known as the Common Jokers function, when jokers land on one set of reels, is automatically copied to the same position on a different reel setting. They replace any character in this position except scatter. If new jokers are used to forming a winning combination, they are removed from the reels, but the original takes another copy to replace them.

Ice and Fire include two bonus games:

  • The first of these is the Multiplication function, which works when you see 3 scatter symbols of dragon eggs anywhere. As long as they are visible anywhere, everything is in order; you do not need three on ice or on fire to do this. Three scatters give 10 free spins, and any additional scatter gives 5 additional spins. Additional symbols are added during this round, but even better is the introduction of a win multiplier. It starts at x1 and increases by +1 after each cascade. All winnings depend on the win multiplier, and this function can be restarted.
  • The second bonus game is a feature of Free games. If you win 4 cascading wins in a row during the main game, the free games feature is awarded. Players select either ice or fire dragon to launch a feature that shows 8, 10, or 15 free spins with added 100 or 150 additional jokers. The free game function can be restarted, but the multiplier function cannot be started from here.


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