Do superstitions work in gambling?


Are you a superstitious person? Many people refuse to admit they are, whereas, in fact, their decision-making processes are dictated by superstitions quite often. Knocking on the wood, crossing fingers or spitting over a shoulder are just a few examples that are widely spread in the society.

Land-based casinos are no exceptions here, on the contrary, casinos are main places, where almost all superstitious people arrive at. As a consequence, online casinos have become a virtual place where superstitious behavior is also observed. In this article, we have gathered the most amazing and weird superstitions used by people in casinos all over the world.

As we have mentioned, casino attenders are the most superstitious people who have faith in the most incredible myths and mysteries. Surely, such an addiction to “higher powers” are dictated differently: some people connect their luck with physical objects, others prefer more abstract things such as numbers or colors, thirds find routines and daily prayers the best friends. In all cases, people are convinced to have the “right superstitious tool” to win.

Red. Everything must be red

Do superstitions work in gambling? 1

One of the spread traditions of players attending land-based casino is always to dress red when one feels doubt or uncertainty. This was originated in Asia first, where Chinese people believe till now that red colour brings the best of luck and prosperity.

As to casino players, things become quite weird here, since people have started wearing everything in red, including trousers, shoes and even underwear.  Everything is made to increase chances of winning. The apogee of this superstition can be observed in casinos of Macau, where rooms, walls and staff are of red colour. Everything is designed to attract more clients here.

What to cross? Legs or fingers?

This may sound really strange, but if you cross your legs while sitting and playing at the gambling table, you are very likely to lose all your luck during the game. Imagine people who are used to do it, but fear to cross legs while playing. A really sad picture.

At the same time, crossing fingers is considered to be a good sign, since this superstition is used massively and people sincerely believe this works. It is quite weird, but every experienced gambler in casinos will confirm this information.

Where is the back door?

Do superstitions work in gambling? 2

Most casino players are confident that walking through the front door to enter the casino is the worst idea ever because it brings bad luck. This belief was created by players who attended MGM Grand Casino, where a giant, noble lion was attracting plenty of people to pass through his jaw and enter the casino. Although it was an amazing and exciting design move, people started to connect the main-door entrance in casinos with bad luck, fear and loss.

Decades later, MGM changed the entrance, bringing it to more civilized and non-exotic shape, but people still try to avoid the front door of the building even today.

Look away!…Or don’t?

This superstition came from experienced and good gamblers, who knew the atmosphere of casinos so well, that preferred to leave the playing table as soon as they made a certain move. It quickly transformed into just not looking at the table when the game is over. In online casinos such superstition is also considered to be true: players just hid the screen for a second and then see the results.

Although most experienced people prefer not to see the outcomes, some players refuse to draw their view to other things and observe everything from the start till the end.

Don’t count money at the table

Do superstitions work in gambling? 3

This is quite interesting why these numbers became so popular even far beyond the casino culture: gamblers are strongly convinced that number 7 is a bit of true luck and brings prosperity and wealth, whereas the cursed number 13 is really bad, a player would only suffer and lose because of this digit.

Well, 13 has always been a bad thing, especially in Western countries. Many religious people would argue that this number is tightly connected with the Last Supper, where thirteen people were sitting around the table. The other variant of the same theory is that it is not 13 people, but rather the 13th person, who was Judas Iscariot that committed a dishonorable betrayal against Jesus Christ.

Moreover, not only gambling, but also the hospitality industry stay away from number 13 as well. The thing is many guests in hotels refuse to settle on 13th floors, so there is no wonder, why in hotels there is a gap between the 12th and the 14th floors.

Such superstitions “dwell” in casinos for a really long time, and one of the games that consider number 13 especially unlucky is roulette. However, in some countries, 13 is a good number – this mainly concerns Asian countries.

To the opposition of bad and unlucky 13, there has always been 7. Being different from number 13, sevens have always been an indication of good luck, wealth, prosperity and happiness all around the world without serious exceptions.

Other gambling superstitions to mention

Do superstitions work in gambling? 4

Undoubtedly, there are far more superstitious than we have described above. There are even personal ones, so it is almost impossible to name them all. However, it is possible to reveal several more superstitions in casino culture.

For instance, the USA players would almost always refuse to take $50 as a win, since such payments considered as “frogs” that bring bad luck.

Chinese players always feed “the baby ghost” with sugar to have more luck and fortune.

Australians consider number 7 as a bad digit, so when playing craps, do not pronounce it, just think it.

In the Philippines, pregnant women are considered to be lucky while playing casino games, so many husbands come to casinos with their pregnant wives.

People of Japan are scared of number 4 in gambling since the words “four” and “death” sound the same in the Japanese language.

In such countries as Serbia or Bulgaria, if your right-hand feels itchy, it means you will most probably lose money while playing.

Since the 19th century, New Orleans gamblers try to come with mojo bags filled with lucky objects. If they are combined right, you will always win.

Finally, Maltese people try always to hide their lottery tickets and not to draw the evil eye of curse on their winning.


Gamble to have fun

These superstitions may sound funny or unreal, but some people truly believe in them and use their “powers” to win. In the world, where millions of people suffer from gambling addiction and have to pass serious psychological and wellness processes to become normal and happy again, it is really important not to fill your free time with gambling only and stay positive. So, gamble and play only to have fun rather than try to earn real money.

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