Spin & Go tables are on BetConstruct network, Brazilian wins $ 100,000 in Sunday Million, Hold ’em Manager 3


If you are a poker-lover or just not indifferent to it, you come to the right place. In today’s poker news review you will read about:

  • Spin & Go tables are on BetConstruct network
  • Brazilian wins $ 100,000 in Sunday Million
  • All you need to know about the new Hold ’em Manager 3
  • Czech poker player wins Main Event WSOP Circuit 2019
  • PokerStars integrates Twitch into its poker client

Spin & Go tables are on BetConstruct network

Spin & Go tables are on BetConstruct network, Brazilian wins $ 100,000 in Sunday Million, Hold 'em Manager 3 1

BetConstruct Poker Network launches Spin & Go Tournaments which do not differ from tournaments in other poker websites. However, it is worth mentioning.

Limits and multipliers

In general, there are 8 limits from € 0.5 to € 100 in Spin & Go. The setup is virtually the same as on PokerStars:

  • 3-max tournaments
  • 3-minute levels
  • 500 chips starting stack

The multipliers are quite common, although the fourth level automatically comes with x20 after the third level with x6. The possibility to hit the maximum multiplier x1000 is 0.001%, and the minimum one x2 is 71.35%.

Rake and Traffic

Due to the high rake, regulars frequently miss Spin & Go. In these spins, the rake is 5%. Such a rake can only be contained in the most valuable competitions in other poker rooms.

The number of gamblers playing Spin & Go at the same time cannot reach six, but this will not be a major barrier for poker players due to the very low traffic here.

Brazilian wins $ 100,000 in Sunday Million

PokerStars hosts Sunday Million. On 13th October, the tournament gathered 7,299 players with the buy-in of $109. 2,905 of them took advantage of the re-entry and $20,000 beat the guarantee.

The final table was contested by thousands of people, but only nine of the most successful players met at the final table. The tournament included Romanian, Canadian and Brazilian as for the three finalists. Poker players made a deal before the end of the heads-up battle and split the reward.

The Russian gambler “W.I.W.69” was at the final table. He took fourth place and earned $39,000. The Romanian tramonto85 finished third and won $68,000 after that. In a heads-up between Brazilian “Giant_Santos” and Canadian “jimmyduraide”, the winner was decided. After intense competition, the Brazilian made his move and won the main prize. He won a $102,000 bonus for the first spot and a $68,000 Canadian runner-up.

All you need to know about the new Hold ’em Manager 3

Developers of Hold ’em Manager keep updating and developing their software. The Max Value Software company confirmed Hold ’em Manager 3rd official release. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the new version.

If you still use an un-updated version, Hold ’em Manager 3 was eligible in beta from the 1st March 2018. Today Hold ’em Manager 3 is fully available for all players.

The new update of the program offers some new exciting features:

– graphic HUD;

– new stats;

– support for various languages;

– tab “Situational views” with tools to monitor the main game situation at the tables.

The license includes two parts:

– HM3 license with updates;

– subscriptions for subsequent updates throughout the year.

During the year you will receive free updates, and then you will need to pay between $ 25 to $ 65 depending on the version of your tracker.

Poker rooms in which you can legally use HM3:

Poker Stars / Full Tilt Poker

888 poker


Titan poker

Red kings

William hill

Revolution Poker

Boss media

Winning poker network


Party poker

Ongame network

iPoker Network

Microgaming network

PKR Network

Merge network

The new version of the program has fewer tabs to simplify the work. But it takes some time to get used to the new layout. To filter statistics on games you need:

– Open the “Report” tab.

– Open the “Edit Filter”.

– Select the type of game to filter.

To select the language, go to “Settings” and choose the one you need. After that, restart the program to update the language.

There are four main tabs in HM3: Reports, Situations, Opponents and Play Now.

Reports Tab

This tab shows the results of your gaming sessions in events or in a cash game. There you can also change the limits, dates and choose the type of game.

Situations Tab

This tab contains an analysis of situations that occurred during your game. With the help of them, you can find the pattern of your actions.

Opponents Tab

In this tab, you can parse the game of several opponents at once. Here you can also compare the statistics of rivals with yours

Game Now Tab

Here is the statistics of your performances, namely the dynamics during the game session. Here you will find win rates, hands and winnings.

You can also import the database from an earlier software version.


In general, the new version of HM made a big leap forward compared to the previous one. The interface has improved, so it will even take some time for you to master it, but in the future it will become your assistant during the game and in the analysis of sessions.

Czech poker player wins Main Event WSOP Circuit 2019

The Main Event of the WSOP Circuit 2019 came to its end. After fifteen hours of lengthy struggle, the winner of the WSOP Circuit Gold Ring was determined. The top-placer is Czech poker player Jakub Oliva, so the award remains in the Czech Republic for the next 6 months.

Two Belarusians played at the final table: Alexander Shilko and Andrey Makavets. Both showed a good game and tied for the third place. Shilko took away $ 75,000 in prize money, and Makavets won $ 97,000.

Czech Jakub Oliva and Belgian Toon Hanot met in heads-up. In the last hand of the event, Hanot moved all-in with J-8, to which Oliva called with J-10. Two 10 on the flop buried the hope of Hanot’s victory and witnessed the triumph of the Czech Oliva. For the victory, Jakub received $ 226,000 and a ticket to the Main Event WSOPE for € 10,350.

PokerStars integrates Twitch into its poker client

PokerStars has recently expanded its partnership with the streaming platform Twitch. Now all PokerStars players can connect their poker room accounts with Twitch. PokerStars is aimed to popularize the game among new players.

How to link your Twitch and PokerStars accounts

Subscription costs $ 5 per month. At the end of the month, each user who linked their accounts will receive a chest where money or tickets to special events are hidden. The amount of the award depends on the colour of the chests:

Blue chest: between $ 3 and $ 5.

Bronze chest: between $ 6 and $ 12.

Silver Chest: between $ 15 and $ 30.

PokerStars has invested in Twitch for a long time. The business signed a lot of ambassadors this year and even set up a team of streamers from PokerStars. A new “Chat plays poker” game has recently emerged. Stream viewers decide themselves what a poker player should do at the table.

The head of the poker Communities department added that in this way, the PokerStars could get to know their customers even better. The company will continue to pursue its strategy of integrating PokerStars and Twitch so that all their players get even more pleasure from spending time playing the game.





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