Serengeti Kings™ – a slot adapted from “The Lion King”


“The Lion King” movie was recently released, and the idea to launch a game about the king of the beasts occurred to NetEnt developers. Therefore, they did it without worrying about the Disney license, for sure. As we can guess, that was done to save money and to protect the company against the risks, which might arise during production.

We thank the Disney creators for reshooting their old cartoons and making so many spin-offs, as we have a decent new product from Net Entertainment. After some unsuccessful (as we see it) releases, NetEnt launched a game that is interesting to play, watch and listen to.


Game details

Serengeti Kings slot

Serengeti Kings™ video slot is an exciting safari-game with the engaging game process, sprinkled with 2 alternating spins modes:

  • Lion Spins
  • and Panther Spins
The unique feature activates every 12 spins

The game offers a 5-reel and 4-row set up with 26 fixed lines. You can start betting at 10 p/c per spin up to £/€100. The game comes with 25 bet levels and coin values. This is a  highly volatile title;  that means low-value wins are more scheduled. Big wins come less frequently and intersperse the low ones. RTP rating varies from 96.2% to 96.7%, the choice is yours; you only need to pay attention to the paytable. Buy Free Spins feature influence the RTP. Auto Play feature can be mentioned as well.


Graphics and Symbols

With an eye toward the graphics, the artists did their best! The backgrounds and symbols are drawn with details in quite warm and comforting colors.

The slot is dedicated to the African adventure in the Disney world, where you can meet all kinds of animals and birds. The lion, the king of beast, reigns over the Serengeti at day time; but when night comes into its own, the panther replaces the lion and becomes a ruler of savannas. Golden-yellow colors turn to purplish-blues, and the cycle begins again.

Symbols here are the typical ones: the low-value ones are 9 – A royals, which have been drawn in animal-style. Meerkats, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, lions, and panthers are on the high payout level. They go in the following order: the zebra and the meerkat ate the lowest; the hyena and the giraffe are the mid-paying icons; and the Serengeti Kings, lions and panthers are the most expensive ones, for sure. For 5-of-a-kind you will get 5x your stake.

Scatter here is a half-sun half-moon icon that symbolizes the 2 game modes

In its turn, a Wild symbol will award you with a max 50x-multiplier. It can also substitute for any regular paying symbol, except Scatter. It is worth mentioning here, that Wild symbols bring a quite interesting feature to the game process. If a Lion symbol lands above a Panther symbol or vice versa, a Wild is created. If a Lion symbol or a Panther symbol lands above the same symbol or a Wild symbol, this icon gets a +1 Multiplier.



We have already told about the Wild feature, now it is the time for Lion and Panther Spins, Free Spins and Buying Feature.


Lion and Panther Spins

As it has been mentioned on several occasions, the game starts with the Lion Spins and then the Panther Spins come: 12 spins on each round. On both sides of the grid, there is the Lion Meter and the Panther Meter. During the Lion Spins, all Lion symbols are being collected into the Lion meter, and are randomly placed on the reels  at the end of the feature.  When the Panther Feature is activated, all Panther symbols are being collected into the Panther Meter and are also randomly placed on the reels after they stop rolling. 

Here, we really need to say that NetEnt does repeat itself: they use approximately the same bonus in Planet of the Apes Slot. However,  players collect Wilds on both game screens there, which are rolling simultaneously.

So, the developers have created a new feature on the base of the old and well-tried one. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of NetEnt’s peers (Play’N Go).


Free Spins

The highlight of any slot is a bonus round. To get free spins you have to collect  3 or more scatters that trigger 12 Free Spins.  The more scatters you have, the better your chances of collecting Panther and Lion symbols are. There are 3 case scenarios:

  • If you catch 3 scatters, the Bonus game will start with zero panthers or lions in the Meters;
  • If you catch 4 scatters, the number of panthers and lions that you have already collected would remain the same.
  • If you catch 5 scatters, 5 more panthers and lions will be added to both Meters to those symbols that have been already collected.

During Free Spins, lion and panther symbols are collected the same way, as in the base game. On the final 12th spin, all the collected symbols are placed on the reels to create winning combinations.

Scatters free spins


Buy Free Spins Feature

At any time during the Base Game, you can buy entry into Free Spins. There are 3 purchase options, 1 of them is a fixed one: for 3 scatters you have to pay 58.7x your initial stake.  The cost of 4 or 5 scatters varies depending on a game process.

NetEnt decided to include a Feature Buy option to the slot for the first time

At this moment,  Buying Feature influences an RTP. It ranges from 96.1% to 96.7%;  when RTP is optimal, the game indicates this with little flame symbols.

For example, the purchase of a 5-scatter game can cost you more than 350x your stake! It is quite insane. Here is the thing about the feature: Buy Free Spins Feature is available not in all casinos.


Interface and Mobile Version

The Interface of the slot is a typical one for NetEnt, here they have not invented anything brand-new. Here is the Coin Value button to set a bet, Auto Spins and Turbo mode. There is no Max Bet button near to the Spin button, which is a big advantage, as a player cannot press it occasionally.

As for the mobile version, it is not inferior to the desktop one. The UI is adapted for a mobile screen and it is compatible with  iOS and Android  smartphones.

The spin button disappears when the reels are rolling. Settings and options are in the hidden sub-menu. Thus, the developer keeps any of the game’s functionality, as all the options are available in the mobile version.

serengeti kings slot review


All the slot sounds make a good impression: insects’ chirping, cicadas’ buzzing, lions’ roar, and music of Nature – a lively melody mixed up with drums, based on African folk-tune.



It is a solid game if we are talking about the graphics and soundtrack. One more advantage here is new for NetEnt Buy Free Spins Feature, which is used for the first time. But, bonuses can be over-priced. Furthermore, there are a great number of slots form other providers with different Buying features and bonuses that are more engaging.

The potential of the Serengeti Kings™ video slot is 4,500x

To sum up, we have to say that the Serengeti Kings™ is a good slot to play a couple of times. Unless you are a “The Lion King” fan, of course.

Slot Description

TypeVideo Slot 
RTP96.2% – 96.7%
Volatility Medium/High
Rows 4
Max payout 4,500+
Features  Lion & Panther Feature; Free Spins;  Buy Free Spins Feature 
206 7
Good Rating: 7 of 10

Beautiful design and functional interface;
Mobile-friendly version;
Magnificent soundtrack;
Buy Free Spins Feature.


Boring bonus game

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