Best poker news of the week: Legalizing of online gambling in the United States


Weekly poker news is already here! Who became a champion of WSOPE 2019? Is the legalization of online poker in the USA true or not? All you need to know is in this article!

WSOPE Main Event Champion

Alexandros Kolonias, a 32-year-old poker player, won 541 rivals and got his first bracelet and 1,133,000 €. The German poker player Claas Segebrecht got the second place and 700,000 € in prize money.

The final results of the Main Event WSOPE 2019:

PlacePlayerPayoutPOY Points









Alexandros Kolonias

Claas Segebrecht

Anthony Zinno

Dario Sammartino

Anh Do

Rifat Palevic

Julien Martini

Jakob Madsen

















Alexandros Kolonias began the heads-up tournament with chip advantage – his stack was 1.5 bigger than the Claas Segebrecht’s stack. The poker player from Greece quickly became a leader when he got a set on the turn went all-in.

When Claas collected a full house on the river, their stacks nearly levelled, while Alexandros collected tens of trips. The 2019 WSOPE Main Event finished with the victory of Colonias in less than half an hour.

The German made a three-bet with pocket treys and Kolonias called A-K in the final hand. On the flop, they saw a king and on the river and turn spades gave the Greek gambler flush ensuring his victory in this tournament.

Good job! Congratulations to the new owner of the bracelet!

Legalizing of online gambling in the United States

Over the past few days, the poker community has been actively discussing a statement by Democratic candidate US President Andrew Yang that online poker needs to be legalized again. He made a post on his Twitter.

Daniel Negreanu responded and endorsed the Democratic candidate on his Twitter.

Andrew Yang is a Democratic candidate for the US presidency. Of all 13 Democratic candidates, he is in the sixth position and has two and a half per cent of votes. It is possible that supporting the poker community might slightly change its situation for the better.

Also, the first US state has come close to legalizing online poker. The long wait for his return to Pennsylvania is drawing to a close. The state gambling commission reported that a test launch of the game client is scheduled for November 4.

This initiative will be translated into reality by PokerStars. The poker room is delighted to be responsible for the return of online poker to Pennsylvania.

The gambling commission during this period will monitor various aspects of the game client. In particular, to ensure that no one except the residents of Pennsylvania has access to the game in the poker room.

On April 15, 2011, the FBI denied American citizens access to online poker in the country. This day is called “black Friday poker.” Now it is legalized in only three states: Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. At the latest PokerStars, NJ was licensed to work in 2015.

Negreanu is being a little bit weird again

Negreanu wants to deprive poker pro of the right to re-enter expensive tournaments. The other day, poker legend Daniel Negreanu announced that he would no longer re-enter in tournaments.

He already asked on his Twitter the opinion of his followers about whether poker professionals should be prohibited from re-entry in high roller tournaments. For less experienced poker players, he suggested leaving re-entry up to level 8.

The reaction of the poker community has been mixed. Some poker players said that they are much more comfortable playing when there is the possibility of re-entry. Others agreed with his idea to level up the possibilities of professionals and amateurs.

For now, most of the respondents considered this a bad idea. Anyway, I’m not surprised. Negreanu is Negreanu.

WSOP Champion Becomes Las Vegas Casino CEO

Best poker news of the week: Legalizing of online gambling in the United States 1

Very soon in Las Vegas opens new casino called Drew Las Vegas. Legendary Bobby Baldwin has been appointed as CEO. This guy won the WSOP back in 1978 and is now a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Bobby has been playing poker with high stakes all his life and has also managed to direct brands such as Aria, Mirage, and MGM CityCentre.

The last place he worked was MGM. Last year, Baldwin left the post of director and now Bobby leads a new project: the casino Drew Las Vegas.

The Drew Las Vegas project began back in 2007 but was suspended due to insufficient funding. Now other businessmen bought it and they promised to open a new casino and hotel in 2022.

The hotel will have 67 floors and it was named Drew in honor of the deceased son of Witkoff Group CEO Steve Witkoff. Steve personally invited Bobby to the post of CEO and called him a true master of business, who has extensive experience.

I think Bobby Baldwin knows exactly how to conduct the business. After winning the tournament and getting 3 bracelets, he has carved a niche as a high-stakes poker pro. He is so popular in a poker community that the iconic Bellagio poker room – Bobby’s Room – was named after him.

PPPoker Spin It Up: New Respins Tournaments

Best poker news of the week: Legalizing of online gambling in the United States 2

Tournaments with a random prize pool are a fairly popular discipline in online poker, which attracts many recreational players. Now such tournaments are in almost every poker room and most often they are called Spins.

Now, such events have appeared in the Asian poker application PPPoker. The tournament will be called Spins It Up, and the prize pool in it will drop out randomly.

So far, playing Spin It Up is available only for conditional chips, but soon such events will appear in clubs for real money. The maximum multiplier in tournaments is 10,000.

An innovative feature is re-spin. If a player has a minimum multiplier of x2, then he will have an opportunity to make another spin for an extra fee in order to win more money.

The first 7 days of Spin It Up appearing in the PPPoker app will be free of charge. From October 31 to November 6, you will have the opportunity to make them for free.

Well, I like this system. This poker room is getting a little bit closer to the most popular giants as PokerStars and PartyPoker. If I played poker well, I would definitely try this app. And what about you?

The week was fascinating! Onlinecasinopolice reminds you one more time: play on trusted and accredited casinos and poker rooms only. Do not fall into tilt and everything will be fine!

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