Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament


Hello, gamblers! If you missed something from the poker world, I’m here to tell you everything! 10 hot news for last week is here!

Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 1

Legendary Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament organized by Charity Series of Poker (CSOP). The buy-in of $ 500 event took place in one of the hotels in Newport Beach, California.

The event’s champion will be competing with Negreanu for the chance to take part in the Poker 2020 World Series Main Event.

According to the head of CSOP, Negreanu can attract a lot of attention and make the event more successful. Stout reminded a tournament held by Daniel, who raised $ 350,000 for a children’s hospital. The event took place in March this year.

Daniel Negreanu may rightfully be considered one of the best players in the world. He is a friendly, open-minded and confident person. It is a perfect gesture, and that will help many people. Like from Onlinecasinopolice. Negreanu places poker not only as a game but also shows that even playing poker, you can help other people. Congrats to Daniel and everyone who will attend this event!

Skrill Commission on Deposits and Transfers to increase tariffs Next Year

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 2

It was announced that from January 15 Skrill will update its rules. New tariffs will come into effect. The deposit commission will increase tariffs up to 2.5% and will charge all the users who do not live in the European Economic Area. This also applies to players from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. EEA residents will still pay 1% of the commission. The new tariffs will apply to all deposits to Skrill, regardless of VIP status.

The rules also added a fine for providing false information. If a player uses incorrect data in his personal account, he will be fined 150 euro.

Such a piece of bad news for poker players! Now they have to pay more attention to their personal data. Otherwise, gamblers will pay more money to the platform, or they should find a new one.

The Big Blind: New Celebrity Poker Show

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 3

The launch of the exclusive poker series The Big Blind has been confirmed by Poker Central. The first episodes of this project took place on November 25.

Watch The Big Blind every Monday and Friday in a trivia-style with poker elements. Many well-known gamblers will join the program: Joe Ingram, Chris Moneymaker, Norman Chad, Mike Matusov, and others. Guests from the Big Blind show will race in a four-round competition of $30,000. The Big Blind offers new entertainment to their viewers. The new series brings the strategy of poker play to a trivia show format where special guests, ranging from entertainment world celebrities to professional poker players, bet on their knowledge of poker, gambling, casinos, and everything else.

I’m sure people will really enjoy this show! This is a very good idea to gather all gamblers and broadcast the program live.

Can we miss even one week without Daniel Negreanu? Of course not!

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 4

Negreanu becomes GG Poker Ambassador. For 12 years, Daniel Negreanu has represented PokerStars and has been his main face throughout this time. If you are familiar with the poker world you definitely know his name. This spring the poker player announced that he leaves PokerStars.

Recently Daniel recorded a video message stating that he had become GG Poker Ambassador.

Well, I think the popularity of the GG network will skyrocket with Negreanu’s presence. Heads of the company prepared for this news in advance, since the site already has Negreanu on its posters.

Canadian wins $ 4,000,000 for first place in Super High Roller Bowl

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 5

One of the most exciting tournaments has finally finished! There was no chance to make a mistake because only the strongest gamblers strove for victory.

The name of the winner of the Super High Roller Bowl is Daniel Dvoress. He got the largest prize in his career. For the first place, Daniel received $ 4,000,000!

The final table was full of famous names of poker players, so Daniel wasn’t the strongest there. In heads-up, Canadian player Daniel Dvoress and Malaysian Wai Leong Chan fought for the main prize. The decisive hand was super exciting as Daniel collected a straight, which was completed only on the river.

As I can see, Canadians play poker very well. Congratulations to Daniel Dvoress! He was extremely persistent! It is the dream of many poker players to get the main prize. That final table could lead to a heart attack: exciting hands, extraordinary decisions and totally unpredictable conclusion. Good job!

Adrian Mateos wins Millions Super High Roller

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 6

At PartyPoker Millions World 2019, the Super High Roller Tournament has finally finished with a buy-in of $ 25,000 and a prize pool of $ 3,125,000.

Adrian Mateos managed to get to the final table, but he was not a chip leader at all. In the top 6, there were several well-known poker players.

The first to leave was Benjamin Pollack, who won a prize of $ 160,000 for sixth place. Neil Farrell went after him, taking $ 200,000. David Eldridge and Christopher Fraser completed the event in fourth and third place.

After that, two finalists made a deal and then they continued the game to decide the winner. After few hands, Adrian Mateos took the first place. Brooke Wilson received $ 619,000, and Adrian Mateos $ 520,000.

For Brooke Wilson, this prize was the largest in his career. Despite this, Adrian received less prize money for his victory than Brooke for the second place.

The Lady Fortune was nearby during the event. Felicidades! Excellent job!

PokerStars lobby introduces new cash game formats

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 7

Last week we told you about new game formats on PokerStars. Now we know all the details! Tempest and Deepwater are in the lobby already and you can play these games.


The Deepwater format is a new version of poker with a deep stack and blinds of at least 50 BB. A feature of Deepwater: if poker players do not reach the showdown, then the ante is constantly increasing in size. You can enter the game with bets of 0.25 $ / 0.5 $ with a buy-in from $ 50 to $ 150. The game also has ante, the size of which increases if the players do not reach the showdown.


The main feature of Tempest is the giant blind (GB). It is twice as big as the big blind, and the player has to bet it on UTG.

Tempest is playable with small stacks and a buy-in of 5-10 GB. GB is the giant big blind, which equals the two big blinds and it is placed by the player who is on UTG. In order to play with bets of 0.25 $ / 0.5 $ you need a buy-in from $ 5 to $ 10.

This poker format is only for the real gamblers, as here you have to play push-fold. Without a showdown, the ante is constantly growing, and eventually, you will be forced to move all-in. This game will make even the tightest player feel super excited.

If you want to know which format would I choose, I’d definitely say Tempest. High stakes and excitement – that’s what I like. I won’t tell you the story when I gambled all my money and chose the right card. Next time! But now developers are waiting for users’ feedback to decide whether they are popular or not.

Otherwise, PokerStars will remove them in the same way as their unsuccessful predecessors.

Phil Galfond calls High Rollers for the heads-up battle

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 8

Run It Once Poker founder Phil Galfond has come up with a new way to advertise his poker room. He is a well-known professional player and highroller who invited poker players for a heads-up battle, who create educational videos for poker rooms. These battles will be broadcasted on Twitch.

The first game will be held between Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates in the popular format “Durrrr Challenge”. The main conditions of the challenge that started back in 2010 were: 50,000 hands, bets from $ 100 / $ 200 and a 3 to 1 ratio ($ 1,500,000 for Dwan versus $ 500,000 for Cates).

Galfond left the second challenge open to all gamblers who want to play. In less than a day, 11 poker players responded to the challenge.

This is a good start to raise the next poker generation. I have many questions, but I’m confident that it’ll be quite popular among players! We will keep an eye on this challenge and bring you updates as they happen.

GreySnow Poker will hold a series of freerolls to celebrate the first anniversary

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 9

GreySnow Poker celebrates the first founding anniversary next week. In this regard, the poker room will hold two freerolls for six days in a row, starting from November 24. Winners of free tournaments will be awarded 75 €.

The Final: Monster Giveaway with a buy-in of € 2,000 will take place on November 30. Along with a series of freerolls at GreySnow Poker, the usual tournament schedule will be valid. The monthly guarantee of these events is more than $ 600,000.

GreySnow Poker players have the opportunity to participate in the following tournaments: The Gray with a buy-in of € 66, Big € 33 € 5k GTD and € 22 buy-in BIG KnockThemOut € 1k GTD.

First, I have to say congratulations. It was a spectacular evolution! Good game to everyone.

Of course, this room is new on the market and compensates its small disadvantages with profitable bonuses and a weak field. Gamblers really like this website. We wish only development to this platform!

PokerMatch to host New Year Million promotion

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 10

Recently it was announced that due to the upcoming New Year holidays, PokerMatch offers a new promotion. From November 25 to December 30, the room will host the New Year Million rake race.

To participate, you need to play cash games at the boost tables of Hold ’em and Omaha. Prizes will be raffled off in 6 leaderboards. Leaderboards will be set based on the type of game and limits.

Results of the New Year’s Million will be summed up on December 30. Winners of this event will receive their prizes after the end of the valid period of the campaign.

Tom Dwan: Notice your mistakes, but don’t be afraid of making them

Best poker news of the week: Daniel Negreanu held a charity tournament 11

This interview hasn’t been without pressing questions, but durrrr talked about his attitude to poker, his early career, work on the game, short deck and the Triton series.

In recent years, Tom Dwan hasn’t appeared publicly. After Black Friday, he went into the shadows somewhere in Asia. However, he made an exception for the Paul Foix channel and became a guest of Lee Davy in the interview series “I Am High Stakes Poker”.

I was impressed by his way from a student to a professional famous poker player. For six months he earned from $ 50 to $ 15k! That’s more than awesome!

Also, I have to admit his words about self-education and self-development. Not all of us could do the same.

It is all the news for now! Onlinecasinopolice reminds you one more time: play on trusted and accredited casinos only. Do not fall into tilt and everything will be fine!

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. Every day is full of new events, names and scandals. Today we tell you about the winner of Super High Roller Bowl, new updates on PokerStars, interview of Tom Dwan and many more.

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