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2020 is going to bring madness into the Poker World. Big wins and big losses, new and old names, those are all on our channel! All right, let’s start with the good news.

James Romero Wins PartyPoker MILLIONS South America Tournament

PartyPoker MILLIONS Super Tournament winner

The $ 25,000 buy-in PartyPoker MILLIONS Super Tournament has come to an end. The event gathered a field of 35 players. The winner was a poker player from the USA, James Romero. For the 1st place, he earned $350,000. The runner-up of the tournament was an American poker player Marty Mathis; he received $213,750.

Only 15 players managed to survive until the final day. The popular German poker player Rainer Kempe couldn’t get into the final table of the tournament. In addition, Dzmitry Urbanovich broke into the finals, but he couldn’t hold out until the bubble.

In the last hand of the game of the day, Romero bet 1,600,000 chips with A-10 (offsuit) and got a 3-bet all-in from Marty with Q-J (offsuit).

With this hand, James Romero got the PP MILLIONS South America SHR title and $350k. Congratulation!

Throughout his poker career, James Romero has earned over $4,430,000 in live tournaments. His biggest prize is still $1,938,100 for winning the Main Event at the WPT Five Diamond 2016 with a buy-in of $10,000.

PlacePoker PlayerCountryWin
1James RomeroUSA$350,000
2Marty MathisUSA$213,750
3Jacob Daniels USA$150,000
4Ivan Luca Argentina $100,000
5Francisco Benitez  Uruguay$60,000

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Ole Schemion wins Sunday Supersonic at PokerStars

Ole Schemion wins poker

High Roller Club Sunday Supersonic tournament collected 134 entries and a prize pool of $136,100. PokerStars held this event with a buy-in of $1,050. The German poker player Ole “Wizowizo” Shemion took the 1st place in the event and received $28,600. This is not the first tournament for Schemion in 2020, where he becomes the winner. Last month, he won a $1,050 tournament in the Winter Series. Also, “Wizowizo” won the Main Event as a part of the series, winning $483,000.

In heads-up, he met a Canadian, Lucas “YRWTHMELTHR” Greenwood. The runner-up event won $21,970.

The Dutchman Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira is on the 3rd place with $ 16,890.

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PokerStars continues to kill poker: All-in Sit & Go Format

All-in Sit & Go Format  spain

PokerStars has prepared a new All in Sit & Go format for players. Such tournaments are not available in the main lobby, but you can find them on the Spanish platform The main idea is that in the new “poker” discipline, the winner is determined randomly in a few seconds. Well, this is the easiest way to get a high rake from players.

The new discipline and poker are connected only by the fact that the winner is determined according to the hand ranking. Otherwise, All in Sit & Go format is similar to casino games because the player does not affect the game process. Professionalism is not needed.

Will All-in Sit & Go appear in the main version of PokerStars? Usually, PokerStars always ask the players’ opinion and if users do not like the new game, then PokerStars removes it from the lobby. Up to now, this game format is not very popular.

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PokerStars High Roller Series are to be held in March

PokerStars High Roller Series march

PokerStars kick off the High Rollers series on March 23. There are 19 tournaments as a part of the championship and a prize fund of $6,000,000. The buy-in of the tournaments will range from $215 to $10,300. You can play the game on No-Limit Hold’em and PLO in the formats Progressive KO, Turbo and Hyper.

On the first High Rollers day, two events will be held with a total guaranteed prize pool of $750,000. The 2nd important day on the series will be March 29 with 3 tournaments and a total prize pool of $900,000.

You can take part in the High Rollers events playing satellites with buy-in from $5,5.

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Galfond paused the Galfond Challenge

Galfond Challenge stopped

A famous High Roller Phil Galfond has decided to take a break in the heads-up fight against the super lucky online poker player VeniVidi1993.

This battle is debut in the Galfond Challenge. The point is to play heads-up with 25,000 hands and still be better off. But now the Galfond Challenge is in jeopardy, as Phil decided to take a break after the first duel. Galfond’s lag has exceeded €900k and this despite the fact that they played less than 10 thousand hands!

Phil decided to change the rules right during the competition. The American announced that he delays the session, which supposed to be held on Tuesday night. Also, he said that he was is not able to focus on work. According to the rules, the player who misses the session has to pay a fine of €3.000.

I can’t even imagine what’s going through Phil Galfond’s mind right now. I honestly hope he makes his comeback, even though he is a serious underdog and his odds are minimal. However, he is a PLO Pro, so let’s hope he has a good plan.

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