Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars


Hi there! Today let’s talk about poker. I found the most exciting news specially for you. Let us start!


The Terminal series at 888poker: three tournaments and $ 220,000 in prize money

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 1

888poker will launch a series called The Terminal. There will be 3 long-distance tournaments with a prize pool of $ 220,000. The format of the event is multi-flight. Remaining players will take part in the final day, where they will compete for the main prize. The multi-flight format gives a chance to hit big even with a small buy-in.

In total there will be 3 tournaments with different buy-in levels:


Premium class

Business class

First class




$20 000

$50 000

$150 000

From now you can play on 888poker and try to win a ticket to the event.

I haven’t heard about this room for a long time, and now I can understand why. 888 poker did its best to organize a new series. That is an exciting challenge and I’m sure the reward is also worthy. I swear, 888 wants me to play this tournament!

Heads-up battle between Perkins and Galfond

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 2

A couple of weeks ago we told you that Phil Galfond offered a challenge to poker players. Billionaire Bill Perkins is the first to accept the $ million PLO Challenge. The Galfond-Perkins battle will be available online on Twitch and on Galfond project-RIO poker website. It offers over 50,000 hands at $100/$200 PLO.

If both sides hit a gain of $400k, the game finishes. Galfond will pay an extra $800k if he is on the losing side, and Perkins will pay an extra $200k in the case of loss. Also, Galfond admits that a streamer from the Perkins team can play at their table at any time.

I don’t think that Galfond is fighting for cash. He earned about $8 million online and $3million in live tournaments. You shouldn’t be naive because we all know that Galfond’s potential in much higher.

Galfond stated that the competition is a commercial project for his Run It Once platform, where he tries to achieve a good level of player numbers and layout. I don’t think that it’ll be a very successful promotion and Galfond will play against the world’s best players, but still, we have high hopes.

German gambler turns $ 5 into $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 3

The biggest jackpot in the history of lottery Spin & Go was won at PokerStars. A German poker player with the nickname Donk3399 needed only $ 5. It took him a couple of minutes to become a dollar millionaire.

His rivals were less fortunate and earned $ 100,000 each. The battle for two million dollars lasted 13 minutes and Donk became its winner.

Viewers could follow the tournament live. The last hand of the tournament which brought the Germans $ 2,000,000 looked like this:

This is not the first time that German poker players have won such amounts in poker. Two years ago, a player with the nickname “Check ^ On123” earned $ 1,000,000 in the same tournament.

Despite the fact that not all people like Spin&Go format, it can pay out a lot and PokerStars proves it again and again. To my thinking, Spin&Go is one of the most interesting and profitable games ever existed. I like the format because it combines casino and poker. This is a nice combo!

Unibet Ambassadors may be banned at PartyPoker for a complaint about a poker room

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 4

Uhlen Jorstad is a professional player, the Unibet Ambassador. You can find him at the online tables under the nickname “UhlenPoker”. Under particular circumstances, he decided to try his hand at PartyPoker.

Uhlen have already won two tickets at Millions Online.

A buy-in at Millions Online costs $ 10,000, so Uhlen decided to use the opportunity playing satellites and he managed to win two tickets. Still, the rules state that money for unused tickets is not refundable. Last year, this rule wasn’t applied, and players got tickets’ money in tournament dollars. Uhlen required $ 10,000 for his unused ticket.

The poker room support service refused to pay the player $ 10,000 and Jorstad tweeted Rob Yong, adding that he spent about $ 5,000 on satellites.

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 5

In addition to this tweet, Jorstad wrote a long post on his blog didn’t say anything good about PartyPoker.

Rob Yong asked to ban a player. He replied to him on his Twitter.

In response, Uhlen sent an apology letter to Rob Yong.

You’d better read rules more carefully Uhlen. Perhaps after these apologies, Rob Jong will change his mind and will not insist on blocking the guy. What do you think, does PartyPoker have the right to block a player for affront?

PartyPoker kills $ 20,000,000 guarantee in Millions Online tournament at PartyPoker

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 6

PartyPoker hosts a tournament with the largest guarantee in online poker $ 20,000,000 for the second time. To run this significant tournament, the PartyPoker bosses had to do a lot of work.

The tournament has already completed late registration, and for 4 days the event has collected 2 109 entries. This allowed to exceed the guarantee of $ 20,000,000 and now the tournament prize pool is $ 21,090,000 already.

On the second day, 383 players entered and only 83 of them will get the prizes. For those who are lucky to do this, the minimum payout will be $ 21,000.

Huge amounts of money will be raffled off at the final table: the winner will get $ 2,636,000. The other gamblers will receive more than $ 1,000,000, and a player who takes eighth place will take $ 316,000.

So, the success of Partypoker continues. With such big prizes on offer, it is bound to draw big names and grinders who compete for that potentially life-changing win. I bet the organizers were glad to complete the guarantee. It supports their efforts and makes players come back again next time.

Danish Poker Pro Found Guilty of Cheating at Online Poker

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 7

High-stakes poker player from Denmark was convinced last week by a Copenhagen City Court. He is guilty of cheating other online gamblers.

According to the local press, Peter Jepsen is a famous highroller. He got over 2 years of jail and a fine of $3.5 million for 6-year cheating. He installed malware on other gamblers’ PC.

From 2008 to 2014 the arrested gambler acted against other highrolles (usually on famous tournaments). After installing the malware, he got access to their bank accounts.

Lots of claims started a five-year investigation and the court hearing was launched by the Danish authorities. Over the proceedings, the witnesses confessed that they were involved in the fraud. The two men and a woman who testified admitted being involved in the installation of Jepsen’s prog

The government seized $3.9 million from Jepsen bank account along with the jail time and a seven-digit fine. This is the exact amount he won from his opponents.

It seems that there are so many cheaters in poker now. Should we better play bridge or chess? Gladly, the fraud was revealed and those responsible were punished. I am surprised by how sophisticated this cheating scheme was. How did he gain access to other players’ hotel rooms? I remember Doug Polk had his PC compromised at his home. Could these two stories be connected?

Stephen Chidwick wins € 725,000 in EPT Prague super high roller tournament

Poker news of the week: $ 2,000,000 in Spin & Go at PokerStars 8

The EPT Prague Super High Roller tournament was held with the buy-in of € 50,000. Such a big amount of money was not a challenge for famous poker players. In total, the event collected 44 entries and the prize pool reached the insane level of 2,134,000 €.

Six players met at the final table. The first to leave the game was Ben Heath and then Jean-Noel Thorel, who took the sixth and fifth places, respectively. The Irish player Steve O’Dwyer left the game in fourth place and got € 245,000. The third place went to Adrian Mateos and after that, the final heads-up of the tournament has started. Chidwick was opposed by the French player Bertrand Grospellier. Chidwick had a six-fold advantage in the stack, which decreased chances to win for the Frenchman.

At some moment Grospellier got the initiative in the game, but Stephen Chidwick won the final anyway. One more for the British with 725,000 € in prize money.

Congratulations! That was tough work for sure. I always admire Stephen’s way to understand the game. I would like to see him win on other Poker tournaments!

Those were all pieces of news for now! Onlinecasinopolice reminds you one more time: play on trusted and accredited casinos only. Do not fall into tilt and everything will be fine!

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