Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge


Hi there! My name is Vera and this is weekly poker news. This week was quite ordinary: no scandals, no insane wins. Still, one thing surprised me a lot! Try to guess which one! Let’s go!


PokerStars will host the Winter Series with a $ 50,000,000 guarantee

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 1

PokerStars will host one of the largest Winter Series since December, 25. There are 242 tournaments with a total guarantee of $ 50.000.000. The promotion will last for 3 weeks.

Non-stop tournaments are available to play with different buy-ins. The minimum is $5.5, and the most expensive one will cost $1,000.

Hold ’em is the main format, but gamblers can also play Omaha and other poker games.

The main tournaments in the Winter Series:

From December 31 to January 1, PokerStars will raffle off $ 1,900,000 in 12 various events. There are different levels of buy-ins: from $ 5.5 up to $ 2,100. In total, two tournaments will be held for the series with a guarantee of $ 1,000,000:

  •     Buy-in $ 109, $ 1,000,000 guarantee: January 5th.
  •     Buy-in $ 10,300, $ 1,000,000 guarantee: January 7th.

This is an excellent promotion from PokerStars, especially in terms of their last updates and outflow of players. I think it’s a genius move because people tend to gamble more during the Christmas period. In light of recent events, I would like to wish PokerStars to remain one of the best poker rooms in the world.

Fernando “JNandez” Habegger refused to participate in the Galfond challenge

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 2

Phil Galfond has lost a member of his heads-up challenge. Fernando Habegger is the person who refused to play 50,000 hands at RIO Poker. He announced this on his Twitter account:

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 3

He shared his opinion that such a challenge would take a lot of effort and would require focus and time. His plans were to create exciting content with heads-up matches, but he realized that he was not ready to let down his backers.

Fernando also tried to negotiate with Galfond to reduce the limits and the number of hands, but they didn’t reach an agreement. Given all these points, Fernando decided to opt out from the battle.

On the contrary, Daniel Cates managed to negotiate with Galfond on favorable terms, and he will play not 50,000 hands, but 7,500. Due to the small distance, the prize for victory will be several times smaller.

Well, that’s really disappointing! To accept a bet and then renegotiate terms of the deal is not so cool. I suppose it could be an exciting battle. I wonder, could Fernando Habegger really beat Phil Galfond? To be honest, I think he couldn’t, and his chances are equal to zero. His refusal could be the right choice.

Traffic at RIO Poker tripled after Legends

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 4

Late autumn we told you that a new rakeback system, called Legends, was launched at RIO Poker. This upgrade increased traffic in cash games.

Phil Galfond’s poker room cannot boast an excess of players at its tables, but the traffic is constantly rising. 50 players participated at cash table games over the past week. This figure is quite good compared to RIO Poker’s previous statistics.

Since the launch of the Legend rakeback system, the traffic of cash games has tripled just in a week. Earlier the number of online players was 10-20, now there are about 60 of them.

At the moment, RIO Poker is in 45th place in the world. Even PokerStars PA is ahead, although it was launched recently.

Though the poker room operates at full capacity, it still has no tournaments. In the future, they will appear in the poker lobby, and developers are already preparing a mobile application.

It seems like Phil found out that it is easier to play than work! Honestly, I hope he does well. His poker room functions well, and it means that the challenge could show us great results. I’m looking forward to interesting content from RIO poker like we see at PokerStars or PartyPoker! Good luck, Phil!

PokerStars will host 21 live poker series in 2020

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 5

PokerStars hosts 21 Live Poker Tournaments in different countries in 2020. Recently, Stars announced a schedule and details of several tours – EPT, BSOP, and Road to PSPC.

During this time, the company will raffle off 46 Platinum Passes, which are tickets to the PSPC in Barcelona. Winners could be from all live poker events via the online satellites.


Next year, 3 EPT events will be organized by PokerStars. The first one takes place in Russia, Sochi, from March 20 to 29.

The second they gather in Monte Carlo and poker players could try their luck from April 23 to May 2. Only one Platinum Pass will be raffled off during these 2 events.

The most exciting event is the EPT Barcelona., starting from August 12 to August 30. During the festival, people will have the opportunity to participate in different events, including the Main Event for 22,500 euros.


PokerStars host three live poker festival in South America:

January 30 – February 4 (Brasilia)

March 19 – March 24 (Sao Paulo)

July 15 – July 22 (Winter Millions in São Paulo)

Road to PSPC

Players can try their luck to get a Platinum Card. You could take part in nine live poker games from Road to PSPC in the first 6 months of 2020. Five of them will take place in France and four more in Spain.

I believe that it will be a fantastic year! Famous players might get richer by a few million, or maybe we discover new names in the poker world. I’m convinced that the upcoming year will be full of exciting news!

Millions UK returns with the Main Event with a $ 5,000,000 guarantee

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 6

PartyPoker Millions UK returns at the beginning of the new year. A massive live poker event will take place in Nottingham at the Dusk Till Dawn Casino. Recently Rob Yong removed slot machines from the casino and now there is more space for poker players.

Millions UK 2020 will be held from January 4 to 12. 94 poker players receive free tickets to the poker festival. These tickets include a buy-in of $ 10,300 in the Main Event and $ 2,700 for expenses.

Millions UK online satellites started on December 22 and everyone can take part.

Partypoker hosts the first and second online days of this event. Players who remain in the game to the third day get a minimum payout of $ 20,000.

Christmas and New Year time is the best time for poker players and someone definitely gets the best present for the holidays. I wish every gambler to play at your best. Good luck to all participants, monster wins and a good field!

A Hungarian star of Internet memes was on EPT

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 7

The Main Event of the EPT was held in Prague the other day and the players at the poker tables were amazed when they saw Harold playing poker. You could see this man on Internet memes and people nicknamed him “Hide the pain Harold”.

Actually, Harold’s name is Andras Arato and he is 74 years old. Ten years ago, Andras starred in a photoshoot that made him popular. He is still famous in many countries of the world.

People who saw Harold’s smile in the photo felt that he was hiding his pain and gave him that nickname.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that it was a very successful poker tournament for him. He started playing poker just recently, but he has already tested himself at EPT.

During the breaks of the Main Event of EPT, Arato was on the top of popularity. All the players took pictures with him to capture the star of the Internet.

They smiled when they saw Arato and remembered dozens of memes with his face that they saw on the Internet.

Andras added that the poker memes are not different from the others and said that at the poker table you should hide your pain when you lose. In the EPT Main Event, Prague Andras didn’t get into prizes, but he still plans to play poker.

The story of Andras Arato inspired me and now what I want to do when I turn 70. I think he could be a great player because no one would read his cards. It would be amazing to see him at the final table one day! I wish him the best of luck and big wins!

PartyPoker has launched Run It Twice and a new ITM indicator

Poker news of the week: PokerStars will host the Winter Series, Galfond challenge 8

The developers in PartyPoker try to make the website as attractive as PokerStars. In light of this, they released an update, including a return of extra bets, an improved ITM indicator and a new topic for knockout tournaments.

PartyPoker added a new Run It Twice function. Due to it, the all-in variance was reduced. As soon as the players go all-in, two boards immediately appear on the table. The winner of each board receives half of the pot.

Currently, the new feature is available for desktop versions of the client only. You cannot use it on a mobile phone.

As I said before, PartyPoker does its best to become the best platform ever. I appreciate their efforts, updates and structure of the website. It means a lot to me.

Those were all pieces of news for now! Onlinecasinopolice reminds you one more time: play on trusted and accredited casinos only. Do not fall into tilt and everything will be fine!

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