Online Gambling Technologies that changed the picture of the industry


Online gambling has turned in these recent times into a worldwide sensation with the army of fans. The huge pro of online gambling is that playing online you can stay at your place. Thus, an online casino is more convenient than any land-based one, because today, gamblers can place their bets even via smartphones.

Thanks to modern technology, online gambling is developing each year and some grade changes have recently come.

VR Gaming

Some online casinos are now starting to use Virtual Reality Technologies to make their customers feel in a land-based casino experience by the imitation of physical presence. Using VR headsets, a player gets into the atmosphere of the digital casino.

All the dealers, croupiers and players look like “avatars” who play roles according to their online positions. The gambling tables and many other land-based casino features are designed by a computer. But the most exciting fact about VR Casinos that there are some companies that design virtual reality games allowing playing without any special VR equipment. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

3D Animation

Poker, blackjack, roulette and ordinary slot machines used to attract all the interest of online gamblers. But, 3D games have recently drawn special attention. The main reason is that 3D games offer not just playing slots pressing a spin button, but a whole storyline and multiple levels that are to be completed before getting a bonus.

3D Slots are extremely popular among 3D animated games since they deliver real onscreen experience. Such slots generated a new wave of interest to the slot machines, especially for experienced gamblers who are tired of monotonous games.

Today the most popular 3D online video slot is the ‘Vikings’. The game includes both 3D graphics and a storyline that is obligatory to complete from beginning to end while getting some rewards. The ‘Vikings’ 3D slot is a combination of an ordinary slot machine and also a role play.

Live Table Games

Online Gambling Technologies that changed the picture of the industry 1

This is a brand new tendency for land-based casinos when there are live cameras and microphones fixed near the game tables. With the help of these devices, online gamblers are able to connect the certain table they want and play online using their laptop. The game process is broadcasted on the Internet.

Such distinguished online casino games developers, as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming have recently been making deals with online casinos to produce brand-new live-table games like Lightning Roulette and Perfect Blackjack to attract their customers. That means that you can play live blackjack, baccarat or roulette while feeling like in land-based casino.

Mobile Technologies

Those were the days when you needed a laptop to play online, but not today. Thanks Got, technologies have come a long way in the last years and you can now use your smartphone for playing or gambling online, especially when all the self-respecting casinos are making their content to be available on mobile devices.

To say more, next year all the casinos that did not use to deliver mobile software will have to adopt the technology; otherwise, they will suffer losses because of lack of competitiveness compared to those casinos, which are already using it. Moreover, not only owners of iPhones and Android devices will have access to online gambling, but also it will become available on HTML 5 smartphones. More and more online casino operators realize the importance of making their content available on mobile devices.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was represented in 2008 when a bitcoin appeared, and ever since it has been integrated into many spheres, including online gambling. Many online casino operators use the technology to protect their customers.

Blockchain technology makes online gambling available for everyone because it ensures the whole deregulation and clarity.

Many casinos also supply BXK crypto tokens to their customers. It allows circumventing any gamble prohibition. These blockchain tokens are used not only for gambling online but also for sports betting of different kinds.


To sum up, online casino technologies have come a long way from the ordinary slot machines and table games to live gaming, 3D animation, VR and blockchain operations, through which players can get absolutely new experience.

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