Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher


Monopoly is a famous board game ever existed, apart from the casino world. The casino Universe has its own classic – Dream Catcher. Evolution developers created a combination of both games and called it Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher Edition. The general idea behind this game is to combine the best parts of the live casino and the most exciting board game. Monopoly is responsible for a great and colorful bonus game. Dream Catcher shared its wheel and base game with a beautiful host.

Playing this game, you can enjoy exclusive game features, 3D bonus rounds, high level of entertainment and good winning potential. Monopoly Live is a brand-new product full of innovative features that provides the best experience of Live Casino.

How to play this game?

Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher 1

The host of the game spins the wheel. The main goal is to guess a section where the wheel will stop.

When it comes to stakes, you can place a bet on any sections: 1, 2, 5, 10, “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls. After that, your task is to predict the section where the wheel will stop. If you guess it correctly, you win.

You can place a bet on each number on the board. There is no limit to betting.

The Money Wheel has 54 separate sectors. 48 of them have different-colored numbers 1,2,5,10.

The other six sections are:

– 2x’ chance,’

– 3x’ 2 rolls’

– 1x’ 4 rolls’


Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher 2

The feature “Chance” offers a random multiplier bonus and bonus of instant cash. “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” activate a bonus game, which is very funny to play. It is about Mr Monopoly’s adventures.

Every time the wheel stops at chance section, you are awarded a lucrative chance card. This card gives you money or a random multiplier, which can increase up to 10x. If you get a multiplier bonus from the Chance card, then all your bets will remain in place. After that, the host of the game spins the wheel again and the winning multiplier increases. Basically, the chance card allows you to improve your chances for success in the next spin. If you’re fortunate enough to get a multiplier again, it will also equate to the one you have got already.

Monopoly live 3D Bonus Round

Monopoly Live: Dream Catcher 3

So, if you want to take part in the bonus game, you have to make a bet on “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS”. When the wheel stops at one of these sections, you get the number of spins and 2 dices. As in a classic Monopoly game, the result depends on your luck and skills. The gameboard is full of surprises.

Mr Monopoly collects the prizes during the game in different locations: Properties, Utilities, Free Parking, Railways, Taxes, Jail/Go to Jail, Chance/Community Chest. The number of moves after each dice roll is equal to the total number of the two dices in that roll.

After each roll, your casino balance will grow. Besides, you can win additional free spins by throwing doubles. Every double throw awards you a money prize and an extra throw. Pay attention! You should to be very careful and avoid jail and taxation. If you end up in jail, you need to throw doubles to get out of the jail. Moreover, the taxes lower your winnings by 10% or 20%

Monopoly Live RTP and Payouts

Monopoly Live is available on many casino sites. RTP of the game is 96.23%. Bets 1, 5, 2 rolls and 4 rolls fall below the 96 per cent theoretical payout.


It took a long time to understand the system and rules of the game. Yes, at first sight, it looks very complicated. You should play it a couple of times to enjoy this game, as well as awesome graphics and beautiful hosts. Seeing a cartoon of the bonus game, you will understand that this is one of the funniest games ever. It took the best features from both games. Try to play this game and you will be very excited during the process!

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