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For some gamblers, online casino games are not only fancy entertainment but also an addiction, which prevents to live. As soon as this amusement turns into a problem, you have to take some measures.

Do you master the game – or does it master you?

Games are a lot of fun, but only as long as you stay in control. If the game begins to control you, you must act decisively. Also, online games are addictive twice as fast! Online casino games are much more addictive than games in the real world since the Internet itself has a high potential for addiction.

Addiction is an illness and it can overtake anyone.

It is by no means limited to topics such as drugs and gambling but can occur in all conceivable areas of life. People become addicted to food, hunger, medication, computers, shopping, attention, and more. Even seemingly harmless things like a nasal spray can become a serious problem. Often people do not even realize that they are addicted, let alone realize that they are at risk or less at risk. Because: Not all are equally at risk. There are people who are more susceptible to addiction than others. This is genetic and has nothing to do with other aspects of a person’s personality. Addiction vulnerability is also not a “mistake” and nothing to be ashamed of. But it is something you should be aware of in order to work on it.

The basic assumption that follows from genetic predisposition is this: People with a high susceptibility to addiction find a way to indulge in their addiction. You will also always find a way to develop an addiction. This means that if you take away your addiction from a person, then you develop a new one. In practice, this means that criminalization has no positive effect. The fact that drugs are illegal does not solve a drug problem, but rather drives addicts into crime. If a particular drug disappears, the addict will seek and find an alternative drug. On the other hand, a person who is less sensitive to drugs will not suddenly start taking drugs if they are legalized.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction image

Let’s transfer that to gambling addiction.

It is not a theory that games of chance – like games in general – can be addictive.

It is a fact that has been empirically proven. Accordingly, there are people with whom the hobby of “visiting the casino” can become an addiction. This is serious business and should not be taken lightly. In the days when you actually had to go to visit a casino, the number of addicted players was manageable. Casinos mostly had little trouble recognizing them because they were always on-site and gambled around the house and yard.

Accordingly, a casino could react quickly and precisely to at least protect the addicts from themselves by being banned from playing. Thus, many casinos can be accused of not having blocked players at risk of addiction in the service of profit maximization while they were still liquid. Today, however, we live in times of the Internet, the place where people withdraw when they can no longer live out elsewhere.

The majority of gambling addicts remain undetected today because they play online. Online casinos generally offer self-blocking, but how much does that help when there are countless other casinos available?

Online gambling addiction is particularly dangerous because you lose touch with money when playing online. While money is already being replaced by chips in a real casino, a few pixels, bits and bytes take over on the Internet. If you are addicted, you have to do something about it. Keep in mind that the law is unable to protect you from an illness.

Also, do not hold the casino responsible, because it only offers its offer, but is not responsible for how it is used. And as the last and most important point: don’t blame yourself.

Addiction is treatable like so many other diseases.

How can you tell that you have a problem?

I have a problem

When you play, you should watch out for certain warning signs. Each one of them can indicate that your gaming behavior is becoming a problem. If you notice one or more of them about yourself, it is high time to rethink your situation.

First of all, you have to find out the reason why you are gambling.

There are two main reasons: money and entertainment. There are few happy online casino winners. Only a small part of them managed to benefit from a casino. As a rule, total losses significantly surpass total wins.

From the point of view of psychology, the gamblers pay much attention only to their wins and don’t keep in mind their failures. That’s why they don’t notice a huge amount of money they lost. Try to develop a habit to write down all the results of each game session. Calculation of losses is the right motivation to wean yourself off gambling.

If you play for your entertainment, do not forget that this amusement can turn into addiction very fast. Remember all your hobbies which make you feel better and happier. If you don’t have a hobby than think of something. The point is to keep yourself busy to make the casino to take a back seat.

What to do if you are addicted

As soon as you determined a reason (why you are gambling), it is high time to act. One of the former gamblers advises to do the following in case of serious gambling addiction (each step is essential):

  • Create a new document and write down the logins and passwords you have in casinos, where you have an account.
  • Create a new email, which you can’t restore without a password.
  • Change your personal data in all casino accounts, email, and phone number.
  • Change the passwords in all casino accounts to various symbols like Fa%&#[email protected], but do not write these passwords down.
  • Change a password in your new mailbox.
  • Close the document, delete it, empty a recycle bin and try to forget about all casino accounts and the email.
  • Alternatively, you can block your account via chat or e-mail support. If a manager refuses to ban you for some reason, inform the casino that you will have to appeal to a licensing body and demand of refund of all your deposits.

 you are addicted

It is prohibited mostly in all casinos to create one more account. If you change your personal data in all popular casinos, it will be practically impossible for you to play in trusted casinos. Even if you registered the second account, you wouldn’t receive your winnings.  The administration of casino suppresses multi-accounting.

It is a very important step! Moreover, you have to distance yourself from depositing money. In some payment systems, there is an opportunity to block all deposits towards the gambling business (to do this you need to contact the support of this payment system). If your request was denied, you should withdraw all your money from all e-wallets. Stop searching news about casinos and gambling, do not watch streamers and of course, playing casino demo games is out of the question.

To cope with gambling addiction, you may talk to a psychotherapist or use the services of a hotline. You need to realize the negative consequences of gambling addiction and also develop a constructive pattern of behavior. It’s necessary to find motivation for a full and happy life.

There are a lot of problem gambling support groups in a lot of countries, which could help you to overcome gambling addiction. It’s much easier to cope with game addiction together. The psychotherapist may even prescribe medicine for the gambler, including antidepressants.

At the end, please remember that money will never make you happy and you can easily destroy your life.



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