How to go Poker Pro and earn Money with Poker?


For many established poker professionals, online poker was the entry into the million-dollar business, which can turn a talented player into a millionaire in just a few months. The online poker sites often serve as a springboard for young players to build up a bankroll that they can then use to participate in high-end online tournaments or live events and break through there. Others are satisfied with earning a notable extra income every month by playing poker online. But how exactly can you make money with online poker? When is it worth giving up your own job and turning poker into a job? Here you will find all the information on how to make money online with poker.

How much does a poker professional make?

If you’ve set yourself the goal of becoming one of the best poker professionals in the world, you’ll want to know first how much a poker professional makes. Here you can enter your current salary and find out how long you would have to work in your job to earn as much as the best poker pros. While there are few players who actually make it into the limelight of the live poker scene, the number of global players who can make a living from their online poker earnings in 2020 is estimated at well over 10,000. Of course, these players do not all play on the same stakes and you have to differentiate between cash game and tournament players. Basically, all online poker professionals move up with a few outliers, especially among tournament players, but between 20,000 and 80,000 euros in annual earnings.

Should I play cash games or tournaments?

Both cash game players and professional online poker players who focus on tournaments enjoy advantages and disadvantages. For example, as a good cash game player, multi-tabling on constant blinds can generate a calculable hourly wage that shows little variance. Tournament players, on the other hand, often have to overcome long dry spells and it often happens that you don’t get any noteworthy income for weeks. On the other hand, as a tournament poker pro, you don’t necessarily have to play well all year round and work a fixed 50 hours or more every week. It is often enough to cash in 20-25 larger online tournaments a year to achieve a solid net income of 25,000 euros or more.

How To Get Online Poker Pro: The 7 Most Important Tips

First of all, you should realize that the dream of making money with online poker can quickly vanish

It is only when you have been a successful hobby player for several months or even years and have gained experience that it is worthwhile to put everything on one card and take the step to become an online poker pro. Almost all players who can make a living from their poker income are former hobby players who have already had a decent bankroll and were, therefore, able to attempt their poker career relatively safely. We advise you to only take the risk if you are financially secure and have a bankroll that can withstand setbacks and can easily endure a week-long losing streak.

Below we have listed the most important tips from real professional players and experts that you should definitely consider before you take the step to become a poker pro.


Poker tip 1: Don’t give up a good job of becoming a Poker Pro

Even though the life of an online poker professional may initially sound like a life full of fun and without boredom, there is also a flip side to the coin. Even as a professional poker player, you don’t enjoy more free time than in a normal job, on the contrary, and it takes a lot of self-discipline to organize yourself and even if you don’t feel like staying on the ball. If you have a good job that is difficult for you from time to time, but you can still make a good living from it, we generally advise you not to quit it with the aim of becoming a poker professional.

Poker tip 2: Gather enough experience

Only if you have enough experience in online poker rooms will your poker career be under a good star. You should have played at least 200,000 hands and made a decent profit before you can even consider becoming a Poker Pro. Just a few successful weeks or months does not mean that you are an exceptionally talented player who can handle life as a professional poker ace with ease. You can only consider playing poker as a profession if you have made sufficient winnings from a daily game over a period of at least 10 to 12 months to make a living.

Poker tip 3: Make reserves for downswings

Even the best players suffer downswings that can drag on for weeks or even months. Ask yourself the question:

Can I bridge several months without income in an emergency?

Only if you can answer yes to this question are you ready for an online poker career.

Poker tip 4: Calculate if you can finance your living expenses

Before you start your professional career, you should calculate exactly what your living costs are. Add up nutrition, insurance, rent, utilities, and any other expenses you have each month, and add another 15 to 20% to that amount to calculate how much money you need to make with online poker to do well to be able to live from it. If you’ve been a regular hobby player, you can roughly figure out whether your poker career has a future or not.


Poker tip 5: Match your bets to the bankroll

Bankroll management is the most important aspect of managing your finances and making money with online poker. It is not necessarily the height of your bankroll that counts, but much more that you choose your bets to match the bankroll. As a cash game player, buy-in for the table should generally not exceed 1% of your total budget. Only when you have increased your bank role after several successful weeks can you venture to tables with higher blinds. So, for example, if you buy 10 euros at 0.05 / 0.10 tables, your bankroll should be at least 1,000 euros.

Poker tip 6: The Rakeback factor: choose a spacious poker room

Poker rooms are funded by rakes, which can usually amount to 5% per pot or up to 10% of tournament buy-in. Players who play a lot of hands receive Rakeback offers from the poker rooms, which can amount to up to 30% of the paid rakes. This is how you get a refund of part of the rake you paid to the poker site once a month. Find a site that offers you a good Rakeback program. You can find out more in our online poker test reports. In addition, you can secure additional money for your bankroll at the best poker rooms with generous VIP offers.

Poker tip 7: Treat Your Poker Like A Business

As a professional poker player, you’re not just someone who gambles a card game for money

Conclusion: Profession – Poker Player

In summary, you should, first of all, be aware that as a professional poker player you have to overcome significantly more hurdles than it initially appears. You also have to get rid of the idea that working as a professional has fun, fun and excitement every day. You will only be successful with this project if you are serious about it, regard poker as your real job and have already laid the necessary foundations. No matter how you decide, we wish you the best of luck and success in making money with online poker.

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