How to beat Gambling Addiction. Effective Ways


In the case of games of chance, the slot machine, be it in land-based casinos or online, has high addiction potential. According to a study from 2007 (Bühringer et. Al.), around seven out of a hundred people who play slots are at risk of dedicating their lives to the machine. Since there is no flag or state of intoxication like with alcohol, the addiction can be covered up until the dwindling money causes problems and the facade crumbles.

What happens on the slot machine?

What happens on the slot

Every few seconds, the slots and table games promise new luck with a new game. There is no need to win, even small winnings are enough to make you feel happy – and off you go to the next round. The manufacturers of the games came up with a few ideas: The games are with catchy melodies that are also known to non-players from restaurants and, of course, gain momentum in bonus rounds. The graphics that bring fruit, adventure or 3D vending machines to life are strategically sophisticated products that don’t even have to look good. If the machine spits something out and there is a beneficial clinking of money, a state of happiness is reached that you may have again – as with other addictions.  In the end, only gaming makes you happy and only the slot machine counts

Starting point

Those who do not describe themselves as addicted to games will never get away from this disease. Even if the family has already recognized the signs, the person itself will never admit it. Only those who want to leave this topic behind can do so. Anyone who has felt addressed above and has not yet integrated anyone, please catch up. The shame is understandable, everyone processes disappointments in a different way. But after the “coming out”, you should again get some fresh air, organize your thoughts and discuss the topic without much emotion.

Allegations are certainly not conducive to this moment

If you enter the keyword “gambling addiction” in Google, you come across countless pages with many tips and tricks. The repertoire of possible “miracle healing” is wide. However, it is certain that this miracle solution, which without exception protects everyone from this addiction, does not exist and that we can only present some tips. A solution must be worked out individually for everyone. But you can only do this yourself – and that’s why it’s extremely important, to be honest with yourself. Lying to yourself, like during the stage of playing, is not conducive. That is why other people have to be involved.

In addition to many free websites, there are also numerous websites on the Internet that want to sell a kind of miracle solution – addiction therapy using audiobooks, a script or exercises. But if you just read a book, you won’t be cured afterwards. For example, one tool offered by a casino is to limit your deposits per month. It is, however, another trick to get the player into the play. It is imperative that the attraction of playing is not rekindled. Otherwise, a small stake quickly turns into a big one – and the cycle begins again.

casino advertising image

A person who is struggling with this disease needs a lot of willpower to withstand the many temptations. Even if you manage to block your entire accounts from all casinos (and really ALL without exception), there is still advertising every day that projects that you can win money by betting. “Betting is our sport”, “Your bet in safe hands”, “Winners play here” and so on, and so forth – the advertising slogans of the different online casinos often let the automatisms run out in their heads that the big money can be won. In order to survive this moment of weakness, everyone has to define a strategy to clear their minds of these thoughts. Some examples that could help would be to confuse the senses.

  • The head should be away from the idea of ​​the game – turn on your favourite song at full volume and sing along, eat a hot chilli that almost brings tears to your eyes.
  • Another option would be to exhaust yourself completely. No matter what outfit you are in, just walk to the front door and follow the motto of Forrest Gump until you drop. Power out your body completely, so that it doesn’t come up with any other idea than to recover.
  • A conversation with your partner, a friend or parents about God and the world could also be helpful to bridge this moment of weakness, especially if you are close to the Church and a strong believer.

Somehow it has to work that this feeling is suppressed. And over time, this feeling becomes less and less. After all, man is a creature of habit and once you get used to life without this kick, many things are suddenly seen from a different perspective. Then you can see how much joy small gestures or the like can make.

How do you get out of gambling addiction?

Personally, I am not a fan of the simple techniques as closing all accounts, stop ads to appear on your computer and so on.

Those are obvious first steps to take

The issue of compulsive gaming lies often much deeper than that and needs to be addressed by the right people.

Telephone Hotline and Support Groups

The ways to get out of gambling addiction are different. Former gambling addicts report that they were so shocked when they went to the children’s piggy bank and that it was precisely this negative experience that paved the way for the exit. But the constantly calling reward centre in the brain is strong and often offers of support from outside are needed to stop looking for luck in the gambling den.

Anyone who dares can first go through the telephone hotlines, which are offered free of charge and anonymously. If you do not want to talk about your gambling addiction on the phone, you can also contact an addiction or psychosocial counselling centre on-site.

General practitioners are also familiar with the topic and help to put together the right therapy. For some, a regular discussion group is valuable support, but it is also possible to think about a break in a specialist clinic with the aim of renouncing addiction, becoming mindful of yourself and planning a return to everyday life.

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Gambling Regulators

The State Office for Gambling Addiction in Bavaria offers the free PlayOff app for players who either want to stop or want to continue playing in a controlled manner. The app uses behavioural therapy methods, is equipped with a diary function and a weekly schedule and offers an evaluation of your own gaming behaviour. PlayOff is free of charge and is available for download for iOS and Android devices. According to the study “Gambling Behaviour and Gambling Addiction in Germany 2015” by the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), the male age group between 21 and 25 years at 2.7 per cent is most at risk of developing problem gambling behaviour. Based on this knowledge, the Lotto Community of Baden-Württemberg is launching the “Joker” program, which will be used in youth professional aid from September 2016. It is designed to protect young people from gambling addiction. The associated app is available for anyone interested.

GamCare of Great Britain offers a lot of options to talk about your worries and problems, it offers a hotline that you can reach anonymously, their website has many ways to connect the problematic gamblers with the right psychologists.

Whatever way you are seeking, please make sure not to go through this experience alone. Despite the first feelings of guilt and shame, your loved ones will help and stand behind you.

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