How casinos cheat players and not to pay out their winnings

Alex Goodwin

Many online casinos resort to subterfuge not to pay players their winnings. We are going to talk about ‘gray schemes,’ in other words, reported a violation of the rules by players, which can cause significant problems, even up to removal an account and  zeroing of a balance.

  • One of the most common reasons to get a payment refusal is a low-quality photo for verification. Verification of documents usually lasts no longer than 72 hours. Scamming casinos could send back your documents because the photo is reportedly poor-quality. If a player is a compulsive gambler and can’t control himself, then the probability that he would cancel the withdrawal is high, and he keeps money on his casino account. Undoubted, it works in the casino’s favour.
  • Re-use of IP address. In some countries, online gambling is prohibited by the law. That’s why gamblers use VPN or enciphering services. In this case, re-use of the IP address is only a matter of time. For online casino owners, it is an excellent opportunity to block the account. IP blocking usually prevents fraud with no-deposit bonuses.

How casinos cheat players and not to pay out their winnings 1

  • The geographical ban forces gamblers to use VPN. If the gambler won’t use it, it is highly likely that the account will be blocked and the money will be confiscated because in this country online gambling is prohibited. If you use VPN do not be afraid to learn more about it, write to the support and ask whether it is allowed to play on real money using enciphering services.
  • Payment system problems. It happens that a casino may delay payments because of some issues with payment service. Casinos which do not have enough money (especially for big wins) to pay or they just do not want to pay, usually resort to such practices. If you noticed that, such “technical errors” occur regularly and the support service promise to withdraw money as soon as all problems in the bank is fixed, know that it is a pure fraud. To struggle with casino swindlers, write to popular casino forums and involve in the discussion as many people as possible. Decent casinos try to avoid such problems because they value their reputation.

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  • Wager. To turn over a bonus, you must take a wager into consideration. Mostly all casinos set up special rules (on which slots you can play, max and min bet, etc.). Not all slots possess special software which can limit your bet. If a gambler has overcome this limit, the casino can appropriate money according to the wager rules, which sometimes are very difficult to find and to understand.
  • Many casinos especially confuse their players by specifying a low wager and adding in brackets (deposit+bonus). Let’s say that wager is 20x (20x for the deposit + 20x for bonuses) then getting a 100% bonus the wager will be already 40x. Before accepting an offer count the REAL wager. If you decided to take it often, there is information on how much you must turn over. Or you can write to support. You may lose your winnings, if you violate the bonus offer.
  • It may sound stupid, but some gamblers are banned for their big wins. It is not favorable for a casino to pay out whopping wins.

How casinos cheat players and not to pay out their winnings 3

  • In some casinos, it is allowed to sign up a new account on the same personal data even if a gambler used his right for a self-exclude. While the player is losing, it’s going fine. As soon as he requests withdrawal of winnings the casino can refuse, referring to the prohibition of multi-accounting.

Actually, it’s challenging to describe all the scamming schemes because casinos find new ways every day how not to pay out winnings. How can you avoid withdrawal problems? An obvious answer is – play on trusted and accredited casinos only. Check Onlinecasinopolice ratings and read reviews of other gamblers. We guarantee the reliability of the information provided by our website.

If you nevertheless faced the casinos which delay payouts or don’t pay at all, read our article FAQ What to do if a casino delays withdrawal.  We are never tired of repeating: read very attentively all the casino rules, bonus offers, reviews on the casino, and FAQ How to choose a casino to play before signing up a new casino.

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