High stakes. Actor Brian Christopher is one of the most popular YouTube Gamblers. Success story


Brian Christopher is a Canadian actor, writer and one of the most popular gambling bloggers. The BCSlots DAILY YouTube channel has even more followers than Slotlady and Scott Richter himself, known as The Big Jackpot. His resource was blocked in 2018 and the incident brought on the shock wave. The Forbes online magazine published an article to support Bryan and demonstrated his popularity.

Acting School and Citizen of the Year

High stakes. Actor Brian Christopher is one of the most popular YouTube Gamblers. Success story 1

A Canadian blogger has been interested in show business since the early years. In high school he took part in amateur theater, also wrote some plays that brought him numerous scholarships, grants and the title “Young Citizen of the Year in Burlington” at the age of 18.

After school, the future blogger entered the Performance Theater in Toronto, and after graduation, he went to Paris. In the French capital he became the top manager in a popular French bar, but then got tired of this work and returned to Toronto. The next 8 years, the young man completely immersed in the movie industry. Brian stared in such series, as “The Road to Avonley,” “Kids in the Hall,” “The Listener,” “The Returned,” and “Copper.”

In 2015, Christopher moved to Los Angeles to conquer Hollywood, but he was not lucky there. He appeared on the screen only once in the series “The Leftovers”, back in 2017. Probably, the constant failures in his acting career forced the young actor to change the priorities and launch a YouTube channel about casino and gambling.

In 2016 the first video was posted in the BCSlots DAILY video blog. Back then, Christopher took his project more as a hobby, but when the number of the regular viewers began to grow rapidly, Brian became more serious about the moneymaking activity. He hired a team of professionals that included camera operators, editors and marketing managers. It was worth it, and in 2019, the number of followers passed the mark of 145 thousand people.

Content and Games

High stakes. Actor Brian Christopher is one of the most popular YouTube Gamblers. Success story 2

Brian borrowed the gambling channel format from Scott TheBigJackpot Richter; the blogger travels around land-based casinos in the USA and records the process. He prefers to play on slot machines too. In a video, he tries his luck a couple of slots, always showing high emotions when winning and not despairing in case of failure.

The BCSlots DAILY channel became popular thanks to Christopher’s hard work and talent. In his profile on Patreon the blogger states, he spends 8-12 hours per day making his project better, publishes fresh videos daily and broadcasts live, answering questions and communicating with the audience.

What makes him different from other bloggers is that he does not focus on bets size. He can spend from 5-12 to 45-100 dollars per spin. His losses could be a topic for the next video. The blogger believes that the meaning of gambling is not to win a jackpot, but to have fun!

“My goal is traveling around the USA and the world. I play for my fans. You are the main reason why I am here, and therefore it is you who should benefit from it. I plan to continue making daily videos and always look for something new, as I did with Live Streams.”

The owner of BCSlots DAILY wants to get closer to his audience, so he practices collective betting. The main idea behind the collective betting is that each member of the team can press the slot button. Brian uses his experience and turns the video into a real reality show.

Brian’s fans, who travel with him across the country, donate certain amounts of money. The total budget could be 3-4 thousand dollars. Brian spends the entire amount on slot machines.

Online store and acting career

High stakes. Actor Brian Christopher is one of the most popular YouTube Gamblers. Success story 3

The blogger has a Facebook profile with 14 thousand followers, Instagram account (more than 6 thousand followers) and Twitter (3.5 thousand). Brian uses social media to announce YouTube videos. He also owns BCSlots.com. The resource promotes commercials and offline events for branded clothing and accessories. The blogger makes t-shirts and sweatshirts, playing chips and cards, pens, glasses, pillows, caps and even car stickers.

Active fans are welcomed to join the fan club: membership fees range from $ 5 to $ 500 per month. RUDIES community members get access to private broadcasts, clothes and accessories discounts and the opportunity to chat with Brian on social networks.

Despite the popularity of the gambling channel and its commercial success, the Canadian blogger continues to dream of an acting career. He has a personal page on IMDb with a filmography and a list of merits. In 2018, he starred in the movie Recall.

Blocked channel

High stakes. Actor Brian Christopher is one of the most popular YouTube Gamblers. Success story 4

In June 2018, YouTube blocked the BCSlots DAILY channel with the wording “for violent or dangerous acts involving the risk of serious damage or death”. The video service agents referred to the Smokin’ Hot Gems video; however, this was an ordinary video demonstrating the gameplay. A week later, the case was highlighted by Forbes author David J. Schwartz. The article drew a response, and Christopher himself called the YouTube actions a “stab in the back.”

Brian appealed the case that was rejected, and the channel was reinstated without apology or any explanations. Christopher just received an email stating that after re-checking his content was found to be permissible.

In 2019, Brian, who calls himself PewDiePie of slot machines  continues to develop his channel with renewed vigor. More than two years of hard work allowed him to gain more than 2 million views per month. According to the blogger, this number is far from the limit. Players from 213 countries enjoy his videos.

That was a short review of Brian Christopher’s story – one of the most popular gamblers in the world. Gambling became his lifestyle, as luck would get it. If you know some famous gamblers and want to know more about them, comment on this post, and share your own story of success.

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