Gambling superstitions?

I finally can’t feel the courage from the slots.

I have matured. And I won’t get into games anymore.

It is in casino games.
Now I'm only interested in ONLINE BOOKMEKERS.
When I say this, it means that I lost there as much as I can and then I will go to the stock exchanges. It takes a lot of money to play there

There you really need a lot of dough so that you can earn normally.
It is necessary to think more extensively.

And do not play in the casino
Soon you will say the same about bookmakers
I have no special superstitions. I sit down to play in a good mood and without alcohol when everyone is sleeping. :) Do you have it?
It's a funny subject! I have so many superstitions including (but not limited to) wearing the same jewelry, even when it's not my luck bracelet anymore. Choosing a slot machine then always going left of it, then right of it. My favorite ritual is when I play roulette; I like light blue chips, seated next to the wheel and play my same numbers in the exact same way.....
Just got back yesterday....nothing worked! :eek:/
LOL, I need some new suggestions
I usually wear my World Series of Poker underwear. When I saw them, I had to have them. The first time I wore them, I couldn't miss but that was about a year ago and haven't had a profitable trip since then. I bring my blue dot, a penny my friends and I made at one of the rest stops about 8 years ago and a 4 leaf clover that my grandmother picked when I was a kid. (I had it laminated). Also one time when we went to AC it was the NYC marathon and we had to go over the Geo Washington bridge because the Varrazano was closed. That trip we all won, so for the next 3 trips we took the Geo. Washington. That was about 3 years ago and we're back on the Varrazano and Outerbridge
Not sure these are superstitions since I have reasons for them but:

When I play craps I will only shoot from Stick left 1, 2 or 3. I might play craps from other positions if I have to but I'll play against myself when its my turn to shoot since I can't shoot from other spots. Course, I can't prove that I shoot better from SL 1-3, but I think I do - and perception is reality.

For Blackjack - I will almost always play 3rd base. The only exception to this was my brother talked me into playing with him in the high limit room - table minimums were $50 and there was someone sitting at 3rd base already that my brother swore knew what he was doing.

The reason for this is I don't want to worry about what someone is going to do after me. Some people believe that a person who does something wrong messes up the table - that's not really true, as people convienently forget all the times someone made the wrong play that paid off - they really do average out.

No, the reason I want 3rd base has to do with my mood. I don't care if someone before me makes a bad play - since I am last, I can choose to modify what I do, etc. When people make plays that I don't expect them to make after me, I get flustered - and then I lose my concentration or get mad about it. So, by going last, I don't have anything unexpected happen to me, so I don't get all flustered by other people's unusual (non basic strategy) play.
This is tooo funny !

I have never been one for following rituals .That was until my 7 year daughter grandaughter gave me a pair of earings she bought at her school for mothers day .

She made me promise to wear them next time I went to AC . I did , and needless to say , have been doing so ever since .

If you see someone siiting at a VP machine in Bally's , Hilton or the Marina with purple dangly earings with a star on the lob , that's me .


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Good question Jer! I don't have any special clothes, underwear, jewelry or makeup or hats or anything. I guess I don't do anything.

The only thing I do is count the spins between bonuses so I can gauge what's going on. I have pretty set patterns now.

That's about it
It seems to me not true. I want to believe it, but it's a waste of time. It is better to spend it on learning new tactics and strategies. It is also important to choose a reliable platform and then everything will be cool!
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It seems to me not true. I want to believe it, but it's a waste of time. It is better to spend it on learning new tactics and strategies. It is also important to choose a reliable platform and then everything will be cool!
I also think so. I have chosen several platforms for myself and train on them. Only luck and stubbornness will help you achieve some results. But it is not exactly:censored::p
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