Do you line highrolling?

I don't know why every time I play gambling I always want to make a maximum bet or small or big payout and it has become my bad habit when playing gambling, I want to play any game I always do that even though when playing normally I might be able to benefit because often every do the maximum bet and the results are red then the next roll is green and it's a very stupid habit that I often do.
so I want to ask how often do you do the maximum bet you want a little or a lot in your balance?
I never do that when I have high balance because it's the most stupid thing gambler can do. It takes so much time to build up balance, why would I destroy everything in just one second? However when I have low balance I do sometimes max bets to speed up the process of balance building, so I can win more faster. But it almost never works and I end up busted with 0 balance.