How much can you win on the Dead or Alive slot?


Dead or Alive is one of the much-talked slots in the gambling industry since its release back in 2009. It is rightly considered to be a true classic. Though it was released a sequel, the game is still popular among players.

Slot short review

The NetEnt’s legend has a standard 5*3 layout with 9 pay lines. You can play the game on any device placing 0.09-18 € per spin.

Both Dead or Alive titles are famous for their bonus games. DoA II can pay out x111.111 your stake. The original DoA offers x12,000 only, but this fact doesn’t make the game less attractive.

To trigger the Free Spins feature, you should get 3 or more scatters that award you 12 spins with all wins doubled (2x multiplier). Moreover, all wilds in the bonus are sticky, that means that they stay on the reels, while other symbols change. The more wilds you get, the higher your winning could be. To catch a wild line is the dream of all players. You will get extra free spins if you land 3 or more scatters in the bonus game.

Dead or Alive big wins

In this video, we collected the most insane winnings on the Dead or Alive slot to reveal the real multiplier. Let’s go!


CasinoDaddy win x2398

YouTube timecode 1:35

There are hundreds of big wins on YouTube, but we decided to play big from the very beginning. That’s why we start our review with a multiplier over x2300. It comes from CasinoDaddy’s channel. The streamer catches a wild line and gets 5 additional spins. We all know that the more wilds are on the reels, the better.


CasinoDaddy win x2500

YouTube timecode 2:55

Another insane hit is from Swedish streamers. It is not about free spins but a base game. Masse gets 5 of a kind scatters! This combo awards him not only the Free Spins round but 11,250 €.


Slotspinner win x2534

YouTube timecode 3:38

This video comes from the early days of Slotsspinner channel. The gambler sits and answers the questions in the chat, as he gets 5 scatters! “Christmas doesn’t knock the door and comes in with a bulldozer” – that’s one of the greatest reactions I’ve ever heard. The bonus round is almost empty, but 5 of a kind scatters pay out massive, since the multiplier is over x2500.


Spielautomaten win x2980

YouTube timecode 4:50

The bonus game in this video is very rich on wilds. The player catches 10 out of 15 wilds possible. He gets not one but several wild lines! Each spin increases the balance more and more. Totally, the lucky one wins over 53,000 € with an 18-euro bet!


Wintime win x3156

YouTube timecode 5:59

At first sight, 1,420 € is not that much on the Dead or Alive slot. The smallest detail could make you change your mind. The stake is 0.45 € only, that means the multiplier is over x3000! This lucky player should be very happy.


Breinaaja win x3397

YouTube timecode 7:11

The bets go up as well as the multiplier. If you have some luck and a lot of wilds that award you additional free spins, you may probably repeat the success of this fortunate player. Each of 5 extra spins awards him not less than 3,000 €. In total, he transforms a 9-euro bet into 30,000 €!


Huneasd win x3651

YouTube timecode 8:43

To play Dead or Alive turns out to be a great idea for the player. He places 1.80 € per spin and hopes for the best. The Lady Fortune is on his side and grants him a wild line and extra free spins as well. More and more wilds get sticky on the reels, increasing the balance. The gambler scoops 6,500 € during 17 spins.


Lucky Ludoman win x4386

YouTube timecode 10:17

Lucky Ludoman is not that lucky at the beginning of the bonus game. He wastes free spins without massive winnings. However, one spin changes the whole game. Lucky Ludoman catches not only a wild line but also triggers extra 5 spins. He wins even less than 1,000 € but if we compare his stake with the winning, it is mind-blowing! The multiplier is over x4300!


BlackCatSeven win x8164

YouTube timecode 11:21

This is the biggest multiplier for today! As far as we know, streamer BlackCatSeven gets the biggest win recorded on Dead or Alive. So, without further ado, take a look at this.

How much can you win on the Dead or Alive slot? 1

­Dead or Alive is a slot that you either love or hate. There is no middle way. It offers insane winnings not only in the bonus round but in the base game as well. Regardless of the fact, the game was released back in 2009, it still remains in the top slots on many casinos.

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