Casino Welcome Bonus. How to use it properly.


If you think of signing up for any online casino, you can quickly notice that there are thousands of offers upon your registration. Since there are so many casinos out there, they all try to make a Welcome offer attractive. This offer is normally called a Welcome Bonus and can be used only once.

What types of online casino bonuses are there?

A welcome bonus is granted to new players in all online casinos

This casino bonus is available so that the casino can be tested under real money conditions. The welcome bonus can vary. Sometimes there is only a bonus with 50 or 100% on the deposit or graduation with up to three, four, and more deposits, which are considered with a bonus. You can play a great variety of classic slots online; all table games and Live Casino are excluded from the offer.

The Welcome bonus on gambling websites does have a wagering requirement. That means that you need to play for a certain amount of money to be able to turn the bonus into the real money and then withdraw it. Also, the withdrawal of such a welcome bonus has its restrictions. Normally, you cannot have the whole winning so the gambling sites will restrict your winnings.

Let’s say, you deposit 100$ to a casino. For that amount, you will receive a 100% bonus, which means 100$ extra free money to play with. We will take the highest wager first – 50 times. Normally, there are 2 possibilities of such wager:

  • You play with the deposit first, once lost, the bonus money becomes active. Now you need to wager is 50 times. It means 100×50=5000$. So before converting the bonus into real free money, you need to play for 5000$ first. The same calculation applies for the bonus with x40 wager: 100$x40=4000$ to wager. If the wager is x30, so you need multiply 100$x30=3000$ to play.
  • You can have the requirements of wagering the deposit and bonus together. In this case, first you need to calculate 100$money +100$ bonus=200$. Now we take the wager of 50 times: 200$x50= 10,000$ to wager, 200$x40 = 8000$ to wager, 200$x30= 6000$ to play before any withdrawal is possible.

If you happen to lose the whole money, you do not owe the casino anything. We do recommend that you look for any gambling site that offers you the first option for the welcome bonus since your deposit is not bound to the free money.

Moreover, you need to be careful and check the country you are currently residing at since the welcome bonus conditions and its size can vary. For example, most of the offers are not available for Sweden, since their gambling regulation prohibits it. It always depends on the country, whether there are some restrictions on the bonuses.


No Deposit Casino Bonus

The casino bonus without deposit in the form of free money or, for example, 100 free spins without deposit is of course extremely popular on gambling websites. Right now, there are plenty of gambling sites with free money offers out there.  Here, of course, the bonus conditions are particularly tough before a payout can occur. There are often only a few games available where the bonus or free spins can be used. But of course, there is this bonus for free – so there is no reason to complain. This can come with a voucher code or is automatically credited to the customer account upon the first registration.

The 60-minute bonus or an hour of free play

Some of the casino bonuses have a time limit (e.g. 10 days). A special case is a 60-minute bonus, which is often granted in Microgaming casinos. The prerequisites for winning must be met in one hour or a prize must be earned in 60 minutes. What then stands above the bonus specified in the terms and conditions can be paid out as real money up to a maximum amount of usually €100.

  • Tip: gamble in 60 minutes what the online slot has to offer. It is great for testing. Such casino bonus codes are regularly available on lots of gambling websites.

Sticky Bonus or Phantom Bonus

When a gambling site professional chooses a bonus, he chooses the sticky bonus. This bonus is not paid out, but it can be used to play with higher bets. For example, you deposit €100 and receive a €100 sticky bonus. So, you can play with €200. If you then have €350 in your account, the €100 sticky bonus will be deducted again and you can get 250% payouts.

Loyalty Bonus or VIP Bonus

Almost every casino offers a special casino bonus for the high rollers from the VIP club. This can vary depending on the casino. But there are also casinos with a loyalty bonus for “normal mortal” gamers if you stay loyal to an online casino.

Cashback Bonus

In most casinos, the cashback bonus is only available to VIP players online. Here, part of the losses may be replaced by the casino. So, at some casinos, you can e.g. get back 10%.

Mobile Casino Bonus or Handy Casino Bonus

If you want to use a mobile online casino, you can also grab a bonus or two, some of which are only available to mobile players. This is done so the gambling site can test their mobile application or version and attract the new players with some free money.

The two sides of the Casino Bonus

pros and cons of Casino Bonuses

A casino bonus is always a double-edged sword. Certainly, there is the saying with the gift horse that no one should look into the mouth, but since an online casino does not necessarily have something to give away, casino professionals use another saying for the casino bonus: “A gift is still too expensive” reads here the motto, because every online casino welcome bonus is linked to bonus conditions that must be complied with before the money won or the bonus can be transferred to your own account as real money. If you take advantage of a cashback bonus, this can work better, since the bonus is only activated if you have mostly had no success on your real money bets.

It is not uncommon for Internet forums to complain that winnings that come from such a casino bonus have not been paid out. The usual suspicions are then raised that the respective casino is not serious and two of our “favorite words” keep falling (here the solution: rip off and fraud). Sooner or later it turns out that the user has violated one or the other bonus provision of the casino and the money has therefore been withheld.

So, you always have two options open when it comes to casino bonuses:

  • Always read the terms of the bonus carefully and adhere to it.
  • Or you can do it like the pros and simply do without the real money casino bonus so that you have full access to your winnings at all times.

From Book of Dead to Starburst free spins and other casino bonus offers in the form of cash amounts, there is a variety of game choices. A welcome bonus usually refers to the casino segment of a provider, so that you can keep the free choice among the most popular online slots. Unfortunately, a casino bonus cannot be used for jackpot games because the chance that someone will hit the jackpot with a casino bonus without a deposit is too high.

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