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No one is immune to the problems with online casinos. Dishonest ones could delay payments, not pay at all, or even block accounts. If there were any problems with Best Online Casinos from our rating and you could not solve them, then Onlinecasinopolice helps you.  Write your comments in the rating or leave messages at the forum thread devoted to this casino.

Remember, you must not break the rules of a gambling site or our web portal. Please, be sure that a complaint is justified before sending it.

For example, if you don’t receive money in 10 minutes after cash out request, do not start writing spiteful messages at the forum immediately. In this or that casino, it may take a couple of hours to cash money out. If the problem is not solved, the casino will be in the Blacklist.

If you signed up using our link from section Accredited Casinos and there were difficulties, an algorithm is the same: write your messages to the forum thread or leave comments under the rating. Describe in details what has happened and what you have already done to handle this. There are representatives of casinos on our portal who will find a way out. If the problem remains unsolved, Onlinecasinopolice will compensate for your win.

On our portal, you can find the ratings of accredited, trusted and licensed casinos. We protect our reputation!

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