Biggest wins of the week #3 – 5977x in Dead or Alive 2


Hi there! We continue observing the biggest wins of the week. Today we will show you the biggest ones, from 1000x to 6000x.

Great Bonus in AZTEC GOLD Megaways

You will find out new names in our review today. The first one is Gogokillpesants who plays AZTEC GOLD Megaways. He places only 0.2 euro bet and gets 205 euro win. Not very impressive, but this is more than 1000x. To be honest, he gets 1025x from the initial stake! The fact is that small bets do not mean small wins!

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Snake Arena surprises with a big multiplier

One more new name for our weekly rating is Lifehack Lifehack. He is very lucky, playing Snake Arena. During the bonus game, his snake covers almost all the reels and he gets 2660 euro win in total. Please, pay attention to the last spin.

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CasinoDaddy’s win on Vikings

Of course, the guys from CasinoDaddy channel are frequenters in our weekly top-list. Otherwise, there would be no review without CasinoDaddy wins. Jesus plays a very unpredictable slot, Vikings from NetEnt. Ragnar lands on each reel almost and pays out 10723 euros that means 2144 x from the initial stake. This slot can be very generous!

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Monopoly Live 2920x win

Some people suppose that playing Monopoly Live, you’ll be bankrupt. If you are one of them, watch this video. Trazler Drex wins $14600 with $5 bet only. I’m not sure what he thinks about such amount of money to win, but he gets it! Congrats! This is 2920x.

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Crazy win on DoA 2 –  €10760

doa2 huge win

This is the record multiplier for today, 5977x. Let’s guess the slot where you can get such a big multiplier. Yes, it is Dead or Alive 2! This is a totally insane win. With the bet size of only 1.8 euro, the guys from Slotspinner channel win 10760 euros. No more words. Enjoy the show!

YouTube timecode 07:32

Table of Big Wins

Gogokillpesants1025x€0.2 bet
Lifehack Lifehack1330x €2 bet
CasinoDaddy2144x€5 bet
Trazler Drex2920x$5 bet
Slotspinner channel5977x€1.8 bet

That is all for today! These videos are just highlights of the week. A long run casino session can lead to a strong gambling addiction that becomes a big problem. Play responsibly.

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