Biggest wins of the week #17- 5,499x on Mountain King


Another week brings us more unbelievable emotions and incredible big wins! In this video compilation, we are going to tell you about 5 different streamers, who have been winning big during the week. As always, there is a huge variety of casino providers, slot machines, stakes, and wins. We hope that you are excited because the minimum multiplier is over 1.000x!

We start our Top list with an insane win on the Razor Shark slot! In this video, you will see Nickslots streamer winning £13.366. This is very insane! Then, Casino Daddy do not miss a single video compilation from online casino police. They take the 4th position. Next, we have Madame Destiny slot, which awards Zeelazyman streamer 1,800x. In addition, we have 1,803x and even 5,499x multipliers. Who is the luckiest streamer? Watch the compilation and enjoy the wins!

Table of Big Wins

Nickslots £10 1,336x £13,366 
Casino Daddy  €10 1,728x €17,280 
Zeelazyman $1,8 1,800x $3,241 
ChannelTwo €2 1,803x €3,606
Rip and Pip €1,5 5,499x €8,249 
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