How much you can win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


It goes without saying that everyone of you has ever heard of the British game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Nowadays, it is turned into a world-famous TV game. I do not think that it is needed to explain the rules of the game since everyone knows a thing or two about it. Let us move on to the slot.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from Big Time Gaming offers a grid with 6-reels and up to 7 symbols on a reel. It comes with the unique Megaways mechanics, that made the provider one of the most popular one in the industry. The game engine was set in Bonanza slot a few years ago.

Relying on the BTG info, the max potential win of the slot is 12,000 times the initial stake. So, let us find out, how much you can really win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” slot.

Casino RockStar catches 3 scatters on reels and the bonus game starts. As always, the slot offers 8 standard Free Spins, but the streamer decides to increase the number of spins, and letter “D” is the right choice! On the 2nd spin, the game awards the streamer 40.215 SEK that means 2010x for one spin only! Unfortunately, the following spins are cold and there is not a single good win. Anyway, Casino RockStar earns 40.838 SEK with the bet size of 20 SEK.

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  • Stop and Step. Bet £4,40 /2,195x/ Win £9,659

The streamer from Stop and Step channel makes the same mistake as the previous one. He gambles 3 times, fails with the last letter and has to settle for 10 free spins only.

The bonus game seems to be humdrum: not a single win! 8 spins are back and a total win is £40. It may be the time to quit the game. However, it is getting exciting on next-to-last spins. The final spin brings to Stop and Step a huge number of combos: wilds, K, Q and some diamonds land on the reels! £40 turn into £9500 in one spin! In total, the bonus round brings £9659 win or 2195x!

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  • Unknown. Bet 80 rub /6,783x/ Win 542,664 rub (€7,866)

Our next hero comes from Russia. Let us see why this win is so special.

The bet size is 80 rub that is about 1,2 euro, so we can say he does things with caution. The Free Spins start after some bad shots to gamble. This bonus round attracts your attention right off the bat, as the lucky streamer catches 3 wilds on the 3rd spin and gets 4 additional free spins. The retrigger would definitely save the situation! Watch the video and pay attention to the last spins. This is epic!

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  • LuckyP Slots. Bet €1,6 /9,521x/ Win €15,234

LuckyP Slots burst into our Top-5 Big Wins with 1,6 euro bet! The streamer collects 18 free spins. Sod’s law dictates: when you get many free spins, they bring nothing but frustration.

11 Free Spins have been played, the total win is only 33 euro. But everything changes overnight! That’s why I like the game “Who wants to be a millionaire”! The total win is 15.234 euro or 9521x from the initial stake.

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  • Jukka Nyyssölä. Bet €2 /11,173x/ Win €22,347

11.173x is the greatest multiplier we could find online. The streamer gets a mind-blowing payout and the slot awards him over 22.000 euro! A Finnish streamer Jukka Nyyssölä plays with a 2-euro bet and does not expect that he will be awarded such a huge sum of money.

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Table of Big Wins

Casino RockStar20 SEK2,041x40,838 SEK
Stop and Step£4,402,195x£9,659
Unknown80 rub6,783x542,664 rub (€7,866)
LuckyP Slots€1,69,521x€15,234
Jukka Nyyssölä€211,173x€22,347
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