How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot?


I personally believe, Reactoonz is one of the best cascading slots on the market. It offers a 7×7 grid and plenty of exciting features.

The game from Play’n Go can offer a bet range from 0.20-100 EUR per spin. According to the official release, the slot has high volatility and a great potential to pay out up to 4,570x your stake.

The Win re-spin feature does take an attention of a player fast. Each winning combo gives you one more free spin until the first loss. On the side of the screen, there is a Quantum Leap counter, which you fill with different colors. Each color means a unique function.

  • Implosion – transforms 3 to 6 symbols into wilds; all adjacent symbols are removed from the grid.
  • Alteration – a random one-eyed character is changed and all matching symbols turn into another symbol.
  • Demolition – removes all low-paying symbols.
  • Incision – a wild symbol appears in the middle of the grid and activates two crossing lines. Both lines have the same symbols.

When the Quantum Leap is fully charged, the Gargantoon function triggers. At first, a huge Garga 3×3 appears on the grid. Then, there are two smaller Gargas 2×2 and the last step of the feature is 9 Garga symbols.

Alongside the features mentioned above, you can get Instability. It triggers randomly and may add some extra wilds to the grid.

Though the game is a bit complicated, it still has a lot of fans among players. They share their big wins on YouTube and Twitch. We collected the best combos to answer a simple question: how much can you REALLY win on the Reactoonz slot? Let’s go!

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 1

  • Jack’s Gambling channel bet 100 kr win 80,355 kr x804

Jack places the highest stake possible – 100 kr per spin. He wants to scoop as much as possible, but the slot is cold till now. Incision gives him a little hope for a good win. Finally, he manages to charge the Quantum Leap and it gives him the Garga as the main star. Unexpectedly, his balance raises by 80,355 kr. Great job, Garga!

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 2

  • Jack’s Gambling channel bet 10 euro 8,840.50 euro x884

Jack’s friend from the same channel also tries his luck on this slot. He tries to stay positive because he feels that winnings are coming. Finally, he gets not only the greens, but also Garga itself, which awards him almost 9k EUR.

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 3

  • CasinoDaddy bet 100 kr win 96,395 euro x964

Before CasinoDaddies get Garga, they only win 800 kr with a 100-kr stake. The biggest Garga lands in the middle of the greed providing great combinations. The symbols keep connecting and it brings to the streamers over 96,000 kr! The multiplier they have is 964x.

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 4

  • Teuf bet 100 euro win 150,725 euro x1,507

As far as we know this is the world biggest win on the Reactoonz slot. Teuf, so is the nickname of a lucky streamer, places 100 euro per spin. He wins 150,000 EUR for a combo with the pinks! He literary lost his words! The total amount of money is 150,725; anyway, the multiplier is not the biggest that we have for today.

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 5

  • Nick Slots bet 2 £ win 3,027.47 £ x1,514

It seems that our next streamer is bored. He just follows the game; it doesn’t attract him. But one moment changes the situation: the pinks are connecting and bring him 3,000 £ for it! Nick is overjoyed; he never gets 15 pinks.

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 6

  • Roshtein bets 50 euro, wins 77,475 euro x1,550

While Roshtein was dancing, he missed all the fun. Garga awards him over 77k EUR! He places a 50-euro bet while his balance is 92 EUR only. Probably he wants to gamble all money away. Anyway, it was his lucky spin!

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 7

  • CasinoDaddy bet 10 euro win 15,711 euro x1,571

Another great win is from the CasinoDaddy’s streamers. They get a huge payout even without Garga! The Incision feature transforms the symbols into pink ones and this combo pays out 15k. Garga appears later, but its combos fail.

How much can you win on the Reactoonz slot? 8

  • Janotski Juuttislainon bet 0.60 euro win 1024.80 euro x1,708

This player is the luckiest one in our rating! He places the smallest bet, 0.60 EUR only. The Gargantoon feature brings insane wins and improves the player’s balance by 1,024 EUR. The total multiplier here is over x1,700.

For many players, Reactoonz is still one of the best slots from the provider. It offers a great design, unusual layout and plenty of features. Though the potential is not the highest we have seen, it can award a player massively.

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