Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play’n Go – slot based on a true story


If you have a knowledge of world history, you have probably heard the name of Henry VIII (Henry the eights), the successor of the king of England Henry VII, the second Tudor monarch. He is well known not only for initiation of the English Reformation but for that he had even 6 wives that was highly unusual those times. By the way, he was divorced from two women and two other poor wives were beheaded. The new title from the company Play’n Go is based on this fact from the king’s life. The Battle Royal slot was released on December 12, 2018.

Design and layout

Battle Royal is a 5*3 video slot with 20 pay lines. The minimum bet is 20 cents per spin, the maximum – €100. RTP (return to player) is 96.56%. When it comes to volatility, it is 10 out of 10 based on the scale of Play’n Go. You can scoop max 5000x your stake.

The Battle Royal slot is available across all devices powered by Android, iOS and Windows Phone, it is well optimized for mobile devices. One more plus is a Quick spin mode.

In a base game, you visit a royal castle with high ceilings and long corridors that are decorated with lion banners. To play free spins, you have to leave the palace walls and go to a scaffold, where are 5 guillotines for 6 unfortunate wives. However, one has a chance to survive.

The king’s fate is also not enviable. He is expected to escape from an awful underground dungeon, which is locked up with a huge door lock. The king’s main goal is to find a key and not fall victim to his ex-wife ghost. There is no time to lose!

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 1

Once you start a game, you see that the developers have a good sense of humor. King Henry VIII was actually a very cruel man with unpredictable character. In addition, here we see a good-natured chubby man, who executes his wives with genuine pleasure.

On the game field, set off with an antique frame with skilful carving, we see two groups of symbols. Low-paying ones are card suits – spades (♠), clubs (♣), hearts (♥), and diamonds (♦). They look similar to the same group of symbols in the Street Magic slot from Play’n Go.

Premium symbols with the highest paying are 6 wives of the king. The developers give individual traits to each woman. They don’t forget to keep them in free spins where wives turn into mad ghosts.

Henry VIII himself is Wild, which substitutes for all symbols except scatter. Unfortunately, not so much information remained how former wives of the king looked and we can’t compare them with these pictures. However, a portrait of Henry VIII is very similar to real pictures of those times. Therefore, a big plus for graphic design in a column of advantages.

Slot features

To diversify the game process, the developers create some interesting features:

  • Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 2 Royal Flush
  • Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 2 Long Live the King (bonus picking game)
  • Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 2 Free Spins

Royal Flush feature starts randomly during the base game and turns all low-paying symbols into all the same or into pictures of wives. We have already seen this feature in the Vikings slot powered by NetEnt, where low-paying symbols transformed into one of the main characters of the series.

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 5

If a scatter symbol (coat of arms) lands on the 1st and 5th reel, it triggers either the Free Spins or Long Live the King feature. To start this or that feature, you should first choose between two coats of arms that will appear on the game field. One starts free spins, the other triggers the Long Live the King feature.

Long Live the King – Long Live the King – the hour of reckoning for the king draws near. God's mill grinds slow but sure. Ghosts of his ex-wives want to revenge as the monarch tries to escape from a stuffy vault. The main idea of this bonus picking game is that you choose one of six chests where might be a key from this dungeon or some money. As soon as the key is found, you can leave the dungeon immediately or stay to scoop more money from the chests left.

If you are lucky enough to stay alive and leave the dungeon, you receive a mystery multiplier on your winning, which is defined randomly.

This bonus feature is not so bad, it is comparable to Bloodsuckers (NetEnt), Wild Wild West (NetEnt), House of Doom (Play' n Go), Secrets of Christmas (NetEnt), Leprechaun goes Egypt (Play’n Go), etc.

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 6

The general idea behind all picking bonus games is to choose a thing at random, which might bring you an outstanding win. Slots offering several attempts to pick are my cup of tea. The closer the end, the higher the stakes - all or nothing. From now on, Long Live the King is one of my favourites. Surely, alongside the picking bonus game in the Bloodsuckers slot (NetEnt). Such features maintain the interest to the game, bring in new feelings an even an adrenaline rush. This is exactly the primary purpose of slots, isn't it?

Let's talk about Free Spins. The action takes place in rat hole not far from the castle walls. You shouldn't expect anything good; heads will roll. Before Free spins get started, you need to pick one of these women to keep her off death row (or you should try at least). If she stays alive, then you will receive a win specified for this woman (from €111.70 to €208.10).

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 7

On the game field lands 5 guillotines which will randomly behead everyone each spin. If you get a full symbol of wife or from the waist up, then the poor woman is beheaded and turns into the ghost (she becomes a wild-symbol).

So, it goes till the last wife of a king stays alive. If a woman chosen at the beginning of Free Spins survives, you get your winning and return to the base game. However, if she turns into a wild symbol, the show must go on! This is high time for the guillotine spin – you should pick on a reel where a death blade might fall.

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 8

If your choice is wrong and the wife is still among the living, you get your winning and continue the base game. Once the guillotine falls directly on her neck, it triggers the Long Live the King feature (see description above).

Music background 

A couple of words about sound effects. For the base game, the developers chose an inconspicuous medieval palace melody. During the free spins mode, these sounds become more intense, and emotions run high. The developers didn't forget about the sound of a fallen guillotine and a chopped-off head, plus for it. In general, I can't say that the music effects have bowled me over. Meanwhile, Play’n Go can't impress us with creatively different sound effects, that is why I want them to pay more attention to music.

Final thoughts 

Let the heads roll! Battle Royal from Play'n Go - slot based on a true story 9

During the very first testing of the slot, it seemed to me that it was a bad idea to snicker, but it turned out to be a right call. Henry VIII was a ruthless man; therefore, the slot might be more frightening and creepier. People are executed here! But after a while, I realized that this approach is in place because absolutely unexpected. This is exactly the highlight of the Battle Royal slot – no one shows us the execution so cheerfully.

Battle Royal is a newly-designed product from Play’n Go, which you shouldn't avoid despite the extremely high variance. The developers thought up many interesting interactive elements (to pick a wife, who might get through guillotine reels) and also created some tension during bonus features, which could help you to make a good wad. I like five different ghostly wilds during Free Spins as well as the Long Live the King feature. Notwithstanding real historical figures were taken as a basis for this slot, it doesn't look dull or uneventful. Sometimes it happens with slots based on movies and series. But we also found some shortcomings. Features are slightly tangled; they are not clearly described in the slot info. Therefore, it takes time to understand how it works and why this or that happens. A slot with high variance requires a good bankroll for some hundreds of spins.

206 7.2
Carries away Rating: 7.2 of 10

outstanding visuals
original idea
multilevel bonuses
immense winning potential up 5000x your stake


complicated bonus system
bad soundtrack
requires a big bankroll

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