Are casino slots streamers paid by operators and developers?

Karen Nazluyan

The gambling industry is still among the fastest and rapidly growing businesses in the world: the resources and opportunities of the Internet are far from being exhausted. Surely, there are certain regulations and restrictions provided by local and global commissions and authorities, but it does not affect the spread of gambling that much.

So, the new platform for promoting casino products has become streaming. The key fact here is that streaming is not yet regulated by authoritative bodies (as on TV and newspapers), so casino developers and operators gladly enter this segment of the market.

Massive high-value stakes, consumption of alcohol during spinning slots, streamers who convince their audience that they “print money” – all these and many other factors are clear indications of aggressive gambling promotion and that such advertising would not be possible anywhere, but on streaming platforms.

The question here is “how long?” until regulators pay the necessary attention to this part of the problem as well. However, players know very well how slow and left behind the technological progress most of the regulators are. Anyway, we witness the triumph of casino streaming today.

However, it is not only about YouTube and Twitch being fantastically efficient and progressive places for affiliates to make money from – moreover, but most of these streamers are also directly sponsored by operators and sometimes developers of the played games. Next time you see a streamer playing a slot, keep in mind that he was paid to play exactly that title. This is neither good nor bad, but it has certain consequences on the audience, which is very likely to be of gamblers. For instance, is it fair to keep your agreement with the operator in secret from viewers? All the games are shown from the bright side, but is it really so? And what responsibility is on the streamers’ shoulders in such cases?

Are casino slots streamers paid by operators and developers? 1

This has become a real subject of discussion among players, streamers and companies. Some providers of slots went even further and decided to turn down streamers in their wishes of streaming a certain game of that company. This happens because viewers follow the “praiseful promoting” of slots by streamers and get lured into a trap of negativity. Then the same viewers give awful feedback to the streamer, which, in its turn, affects operators quite badly. Overall, players lose their money and hate the game, streamers lose viewers’ attention, and their careers consequently, and the company loses money on promotion and obtain very negative feedbacks. This is the very reason why many operators just refuse offers from streamers.

At the same time, the viewers see their favourite streamers playing a certain game and think this way: “he/she plays that game (of a certain provider) daily, it surely must be good”. From the legal point of view, there is nothing wrong happening in such situations, since there are no regulations for streaming services yet. However, it is necessary to warn players and provide the message that these are just promotions, so be careful.

Are casino slots streamers paid by operators and developers? 2

It would not be right to finger point someone, but again, there are plenty of streamers, who play fake money or give a rapid view boost with the help of bots – these are very poor arguments to prove someone’s guilt, but nevertheless, viewers must know their streamers. There were also cases, when some streamers decided to talk directly with their audiences, telling them that playing certain games were promotions. To tell more, such streamers also talk with their viewers on whether it is right to obtain money from operators to promote a game in such a way.

To sum up, it is really difficult to tell if a streamer promotes the game or really plays it – until you find him playing one game for too long, even when he or she loses too much. Surely, this may sound like a dream: why cannot you play on platforms and get money from providers? But are you ready for moral challenges with your audience? Gambling is a hard business, and if you do not know how to position oneself, it would be almost impossible to get back into the “game”.

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