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The gambling industry is developing so rapidly, that’s why we spend much time playing slots and examining gigabytes of information. Our streamers help Onlinecasinopolice to deal with all these tasks. Gorgeous Casino Ladies play best casinos accredited by our Internet portal. Casino Ladies not only show but explain how to play slots and what gamblers should know.

Read a letter of each Casino Lady to followers and viewers, join us in social media and write your stories! Everyday streams, loads of fun and trusted casinos only!

Hey, guys!

My name is Lena, I’m the one from Casino Ladies) You may know me as Goldilocks, Lenchen and Bakaki Master)) I started streaming over a year ago. And my life has changed a lot.

I’m sure most of you think that streaming online casino is so easy and relaxing activity) There is no need to do something except making bets and pushing a spin button. I believed the same) But the reality is far from it!

To be honest, I met with some difficulties from the very start. I knew not the first thing about online casino working system. I was excited about learning absolutely everything! And my game has started)

There are a lot of pros and cons. In order to be a good casino streamer, you have to know almost EVERYTHING about online slots and providers. For example, each casino provider has its own features and types of bet placing. You have to handle a lot of casino terms, such as RTP, wagering and so on, and you should do it well) And the most important thing is that you have to deal with a great number of online casinos, and you have to see into good and untrustworthy ones to make your viewers sure they won’t be cheat.

If we are talking about streaming itself, there are some advantages and disadvantages too).

As for me, Live streaming is a great way to engage and interact with my audience. In the streaming chat, I have an opportunity to communicate with different people from every corner of the world. I find it very useful for my personal development, as I can improve my communicative and social skills.

But also there is a reverse of the coin) One of the main cons is technical errors. While you don’t have to worry about post-production, you do have to worry about technical errors occurring while you’re streaming live. An error doesn’t even need to happen on your end! If a viewer has a slow internet connection, the video may often stop buffering or be of a low quality. This can be frustrating for viewers, and as a result, they do not watch the stream.

Also timing. One of the biggest cons of live streaming is to know when to start a stream. It’s especially difficult because all our viewers live in different time zones.

Much has been said) To sum up, I would like to say that streaming online casino is a great pleasure for me despite all the disadvantages! It takes almost all my time, but I can’t imagine my life without streaming anymore.

Hello, my name is Vera, 23.

Once with Olga, we discussed our plans for the weekend, and she told me about streaming. She invited me to a stream to try things out. I was always wondered whether I can be on camera and perform in front of a big audience. I said yes on the spur of the moment! Two weeks later I already was Casino Lady!

My first day on the channel was on the of September. I was afraid that followers and subscribers would not accept me. But I was seriously mistaken. They were cuties. Up to the end of the month, I streamed alone and even had my own viewers.

Being a streamer is really hard. I became obsessed with it; that’s why I do not have enough time for my other hobbies.

I’m a very sensitive person that’s why followers and subscribers may hurt me sometimes. They may discuss my appearance or language skills, and it makes me sad for the whole week. I try not to pay attention to it. I become more self-confident because every new day is one more challenge for me. I have to overcome my fears to move on!

All my friends noticed that from a modest and silent girl, I became the life and the soul of the party. I do not hesitate to say that playing casino is my hobby. Tastes differ. You might be a football fan, dancer or singer. My hobby is casino playing. BUT! You have to know when enough is enough.

Keep in mind, that casino is a high variance game and your win depends on luck. There is no easy money, slots’ hacks or “100% working schemes”. Many people consider me to be a gambler because I play every day. They are mistaken. I never lapse in tilt and I’m not gambling addicted. All gamblers say so, or …?